“Trading is profitable if done the right way,” says well-known trader William Brown who hails from the North of England. With his years of expertise and after training with some of the best in the industry, he has been able to gain the knowledge needed to build his own unique mechanical strategies, along with creating many thriving five and six figure traders in the process.

The majority of traders struggle and lose their hard-earned money due to either a lack of guidance or incorrect trading methods. It’s no secret that most attempt to use their intuition and make analysis-based best-guesses, yet the markets quickly swallow their money due to this. William fell into this trap himself initially and realised the importance of one defining factor that most aren’t yet aware of: Having a statistical edge.

William, founder of fast-growing trading education company WBTrading, has built his own unique mechanical strategies however that simplify the trading process. Through these, he has finally made trading possible, simple, and understandable. Having spent thousands of pounds on his education earlier in his career, gaining in-depth knowledge from some of the world’s top traders, he learned the skills necessary to build his strategies that each provide a positive edge and make trading a profitable endeavour. Through his company WBTrading all of his strategies are taught leading to success for many who were stuck and struggling before finding him.

Built using statistical data, his techniques remove the need to use news-articles, rely on others relaying their own trades or the need to analyse markets. Whilst commenting on iis newly launched WBTrading Platinum programme, William says “Diving into the markets without knowledge, and most importantly without an edge, will only ever lead to losses. It’s critical to statistically prove that what you’re doing, the strategy you’re using, provides an edge”.

Sharing testimonials and interviewing his clients via his popular YouTube channel, it is clear that he is having a positive effect on other people’s trading careers, having even had clients go from only ever losing money to working for world-leading trading firms using the mechanical strategies that he shares.

If you think that trading is pure luck, or if you have been led to believe that you must analyse markets to trade successfully, it is time to reconsider by working with WBTrading.

Learn more at their website: www.wbtrading.co.uk

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