Welcoming the Hybrid Work Model: The Best Internet Setup for Those Working From Home

The great and sudden shift to remote work comes to a closure, but we are now at the brink of disruption with similar or maybe higher consequences.

With Microsoft sharing and evolving around a blended model for more than 160,000 employees, many companies are learning the new working standard as they go.

Well, this is not a secret anymore; even I should not create drama around it. The blended model now commonly addressed as the hybrid work model is consider more flexible than the remote working.

Let us be honest, remote working did not hurt much until the internet connectivity issues came swinging in.

I do not about you but when I fancied remote working, I did not picture myself running around the house with a laptop in my hand, struggling to find the right Wi-Fi strength. Not to mention, the embarrassment over the endless zoom calls.

So keeping the past in perspective, we believe that while we are stepping towards a new working style it is better to acknowledge the challenges beforehand. This means that we have to talk about what internet speed works best during work from home.

The Hybrid Spectrum

Do you know that over 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their current employer this year?

The pandemic managed to change a lot. While the crisis impacted businesses physically, it also impacted the approach of employees who want to switch to better job opportunities.

The latest survey has suggested that employees will more likely change the employer who will not provide flexibility at work. And with the hybrid work model in debate, the flexibility will come with the number of days allowed to work from home.

So while the employers have something to think about in terms of retaining the talent in their organization, the employees need to make sure that they bring all the good reason to the table to protect the comfort of working from home more.

What Makes Work From Home Effective?

So, employees want the best of both worlds, but what about employers?

The mega work transition not only brought challenges for the employees experiencing the changes for the first time but also affected the operational work of an organization.

While 66% of business decision-makers are trying to redesign their physical spaces by keeping the hybrid work model in perspective, they also expect the employees to perform their best while working from home. In a post-pandemic world, the employees have little to debate when questioned about the ineffectiveness of work.

Previously, when employees were stuck with the old and slow internet service it was easier to put the blame on objects that can not speak for themselves. However now as the country has started to take steps towards stability with the growing vaccination rates, there is a lot more possibility for the employees to invest in the best remote work essentials.

By now, you know how much we are emphasizing the crucially of high-speed internet service but along with that, noise canceling headphones, a good webcam, and a separate place to work contributes to making remote work more effective.

But then again, nothing can replace the role of a high-speed internet service in the work of an effective work from home.

The Need for Speed

Your current internet plan likely is enough for you to work from home without causing much distress. However, if you want to switch to a better internet service with better TV and internet packages then you should prefer a network with reliability, fast download, and upload speed as well.

Download speed is necessary for a smooth work from home journey as it reflects how quickly you can access stuff online. The faster download speed you have the faster you will be able to load websites and platforms required for the completion of your work.

This also means that you will not only be working more effectively but you will be able to complete work on time, with fewer chances of long shift hours.

On the other hand, upload speed tells you how quickly you can upload on the internet. This obviously helps in uploading work-related documents in the company-provided platforms and making sure the PDF gets attached quickly into your email. Nevertheless, the most important is that a faster upload speed makes sure your beautiful smile remains intact on Zoom calls. Now, this I necessary.

What is a Good Internet Speed While Working from Home?

When working from home it gets really frustrating, really quick when just do not have the right internet speed. The struggle to catch the right Wi-Fi strength or troubleshooting your network just makes the whole work from home efforts and mood drained.

We understand this because we have been through it as well. Nevertheless, after the coronavirus outbreak, lockdowns, and the struggle to survive on an average internet service with more than 10 devices connected to it, every American has now been in this boat.

Therefore, those who want to work from home with peace of mind need to have a minimum of 50 to 100 Mbps speed. This also includes at least 10 Mbps internet speed if you have work that required uploading large files on the internet.

However, if your work does not require you to consume too much data for uploading large files like streaming on YouTube or attending video conferencing all the time, or delivering graphic designs to the team then you can balance out your work from home with 50 Mbps.

However, this is only for you, along with your company-issued devices, purely for office work. However as soon you add more device to this internet package you internet will start acting up.

There isn’t any intense calculation needed here; the more devices you connect with the internet the more data will be consumed. If you did not manage to upgrade your internet package then none of your devices will receive the right internet speed to work effectively.

To summarize, not only will you struggle to perform your duties remotely but those using the internet for watching a video on YouTube, those who grabbed their hot bowl of pasta to turn into Netflix, or kids who want to join their online class will struggle with you.

So now, it brings us to our next question.

Is 100 Mbps good for working from home?

In the post-pandemic world, where the aftermaths of the pandemic are still in the air, thinking only about yourself is not the right move. Therefore, when you are trying to pick an internet speed or package for your home you should know that you are not the only one going to consume it.

Therefore, if you want to keep your family productive you might need to switch up to at least 100 Mbps speed.

In addition, when you need a break from working (which is necessary for your mental health) you can have perfect zoning out with some Call of Duty while your partner can play Animal Crossing. However, this was only for homes with limited people and limited devices. What about others?

Is 200 Mbps enough for working from home?

If you have a family that loves to spend most of their time on the internet, or you have multiple works going on along with your dedicated company duties or your home has a lot of smart home appliances then having 100 Mbps isn’t enough for you.

Once you start working from home temporarily or permanently, you will realize that a single internet connection cannot be fully consumed for just your office duties.

Everything that has an option to connect to their internet will be living on that single Wi-Fi device. Therefore, before you book any internet package you need to make sure you are well aware of the devices available in your home requiring internet.

So like I said if you have a busy household (busy in terms of internet consumption) then you will be needing a 200 Mbps connection.

Rethink about your Internet Package for Effective Remote Work

We have told this before, we will say this again; remote work is here to stay. The shift in working standards since the beginning of 2020 has now modified itself into something more flexible but a little complex in 2021.

If you want to continue, working from home, or your company wants the same for you then you need to make sure you are hands-on with the technological aspect of this new normal.

Moreover, when it comes to the technological aspect, having a secure, strong, and high-speed internet connection is a must.

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