What Are Native Ads & How They Are Helpful To Get Perfect Outreach?

Native ads are ads that are less obvious than traditional banner or display ads. The content of native ads is embedded into the messaging of the media that it accompanies.

These ads are paid just like traditional ones but are more effective in getting excellent ROI.

This is because people have grown to prefer traditional ones less. After all, they are pushy and interrupts users.

Native advertising is a great way to expose audiences to 

There are Three Major Kinds of Native Ads.

  • In-Feed Ads
  • Content Recommendation
  • Native Content

In-Feed Ads

These ads are found on Social Media platforms. Publishers customize the ads to match the look and feel of user-generated content so that when people scroll, they will seem like something naturally occurring on the feed,

Content Recommendation

Content recommendation ads work like this. You pay for your content to be recommended first at the bottom or end of related content.

It is helpful for users in that it suggests content that might be of interest to them.

Native Content

Branded or native content is ad content that has no format and can take various shapes and styles. One example is Power Rangers – it is a show that uses branded characters to subtly but effectively advertise merch, including primary toys.

Here are 7 Excellent Examples of Native Ads.

Anyone can do native ads in different ways that work. Here are seven excellent examples of branded platforms and efficient spaces for running native ads.

Example No. 1: Spotify

Spotify is not only an excellent music app but is a promising opportunity for musicians to find their audience via recommended content. An artist can easily fall onto random playlists that contain songs that are similar to theirs.

Example No. 2: Facebook Ads

When a company “boosts” one of their Facebook posts, it shows up as a native ad on feeds of people who the algorithm decides are interested in such and related topics. For these ads to be effective, they have to be of value and resembling user-generated posts.

Hence, content is one of the most vital parts of creating native ads. Without good content writing, your efforts will be lost.

Example No. 3: Grammarly

Grammarly’s ads look more like writing tips and tutorials than paid ads. They show you how to write in different manners and educate a bit of CRO and SEO copy which interests copywriters.

While most writers today use Grammarly and will need minimal advertising and more convincing, the value they get from the native ads only fortifies brand retention and loyalty. 

Example No. 4: Disney and Other Similar Franchises

All Disney movies and shows are branded content designed for you to be loyal to the brand and continue buying their merch and watching more. For example, the Avengers franchise not only sells out tickets and events, but toys are a significant part of their revenue.

On Disney Junior alone, you get hundreds of characters featured to buy as toys on shelves internationally.

The general idea is that people naturally buy into the brand.

Example No. 5: Amazon

Amazon is another excellent space for recommended content. When you search for a keyword or open a product page, you are given recommendations at the bottom.

This seems, but does, help you assess your options and weigh your decisions before buying. At the same time, a paying brand will have the opportunity to expose its product to you in a seamless manner.

Example No. 6: Netflix

Some shows and movies have producers paying Netflix to put them at the top of the recommendation list where appropriate. These paid advertisements play after a move or at the end of a series of a similar genre.

In today’s Netflix culture, where people usually couldn’t decide for themselves, it is widely accepted that most people will just let the recommendation play next.

Example No. 7: This Article

Of course, we want you to know excellent examples of seamless product placement with native ads. However, we want you to know that we are aware that you are aware of what this article may lead to.

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