What Do the Wealthiest Americans Want Once They Have All the Money They Need?

One of the surprising things about having all the money you could ever need is the realization that there’s more to life than money.

Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson, two of the partners from the masterful wealth management team of Minnesota-based Sweet Financial Partners, have seen this very clearly while managing 1,100 clients and close to a billion dollars of wealth. Their multimillionaire clients need help in not only growing and protecting their wealth, but also in building a meaningful life beyond the money.

I myself have created a successful life and I work with others who are doing the same, so Sweet and Anderson’s work really interests me. A terrifying battle with cancer made it crystal clear to me that there is more to life than working for money. If you are sick or working too hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor, then what is the point?

With 57 years of collective experience in working with high-net-worth clients, Sweet and Anderson used their inherent knowledge to create a process called The Dream Architect™ and then created an immersive experience, The Dream Architect™ Life Immersives, to help bridge the gap between wants and needs. Through this they are helping the wealthiest Americans, whether retirees, families with generational wealth or working entrepreneurs, fully enjoy their money and live their best lives with purpose.

This takes life beyond wealth a giant step forward. Their clients are no longer solely focused on financial strategies, they’ve moved on to Dream Architect Life Immersives for the connections and purpose-driven experience.

Dream Architect Life Immersives establishes five pillars that can help people who already have the financial security they need to have fun, feel amazing and do purposeful and meaningful things for a long time to come.

“We are in the memory-making business,” Anderson claims. “That’s what the five pillars to building a life beyond wealth are all about.” 

 I recently hosted Sweet and Anderson on my podcast, and they further explained the pillars.

  1. Wealth

When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.” ― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

A customized and secure investment strategy is a must, as is a creative tax savings plan, and it’s important to have a streamlined, coordinated program with advisors you can trust to tell you the truth about achieving your goals. But once you already know about financial success and wealth protection, what’s next? The Dream Architect Life Immersives helps redefine wealth by teaching people how to live with a wealthy mindset, one that increases their lifespan and dream span. That’s what the next four pillars come into play.

  1. Purpose

We all want deep, purposeful and meaningful relationships. We all want love, joy, bliss and fulfillment. … The miracle is that we can all have it! All we need to do is overcome our fears and dare to seek our goals.” — Jack Canfield, Dare to Win

There are two things about purpose you should know: Success on paper does not always equivocate a life of purpose, and your purpose will shift throughout your life. If you’ve worked all your life in a successful business, then what is your purpose when the business is sold? If you’re recently wealthy and money is no object, then what is your purpose for life beyond spending money? Sadly, many people die within five years of retirement because they feel obsolete, and one of the top reasons people commit suicide is the feeling that they don’t have a purpose.

 “People spend a lot of time knowing exactly what they are coming from, but what they’re going toward is often undefined,” Anderson says. “Our team helps people see exactly where they are going.”

A great example of living with a purpose and not just cash in the bank is one of their clients, Jeff. He sold his construction business and had a great deal of money, some of which he invested in a luxury motorhome. Instead of hopping to national parks, he enjoys his motorhome by driving cross-country to help people in crisis after natural disasters like hurricanes, fires and floods. He leverages his business contacts to supply donations and invests his time and energy to support survivors in rebuilding their lives. 

  1. Health & Longevity

“A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one.” Confucius

A recent study conducted by The University of Michigan and National Institute on Aging revealed a lower mortality rate in retirees who kept working, suggesting a strong correlation between working and life expectancy. This may be because the healthy retired participants stayed mentally alert and physically fit, or it may be because they maintained a sense of purpose and kept working.

 Anderson and Sweet wholeheartedly believe you can have it all if you have your health and know your purpose.

 “It is our deep belief that people deserve a pain-free, fruitful and mobile life,” Sweet says.

 The problem is that people don’t take action. The Dream Architect™ Life Immersives helps by opening the door to a community of opportunities and connections with brilliant people in the life-extension and health fields.

Recently, Sweet attended a life extension event with several high-net-worth individuals that included body scans, brain scans, longevity treatments and hacks for improving health, extending life span and developing a wealth mindset.

This is the growth, opportunity and community he is committed to cultivating and connecting with alongside his clients, in the best interest of his clients. I can personally attest that a friend’s life was saved through an early detection body scan, which points out potential problems before they develop into full-blown illness.

  1. Legacy

“Legacy is the memory imprint a person leaves behind at every step on the pathway of life’s journey.” — Randy Sutton, The Power of Legacy

Legacy means something different to everyone, but it doesn’t have to mean that it’s something that happens after you’re gone. You can build your legacy now.

Sweet is an excellent example of building living legacy. He grew up in a single-mother household where finances were a struggle (as did Anderson). To honor his mother’s perseverance, Sweet built a foundation that sends children of single parents to college. He and his mother go to lunch with the scholarship recipients every year, getting to know them and experiencing their joy and energy. They are living his mother’s legacy now, not after she’s gone.

“The last thing you want is your family members saying that you’d be turning over in your grave about something,” Anderson says. “You can make decisions early so your legacy is lived out the way you want it to be done versus how you hope it is done.”

  1. Experiences

“A moment lasts for seconds, but the memories last forever.” — Bryan Sweet heard it somewhere

Many people don’t experience what they want to in life because they simply let stuff happen to them instead of for them. This is why planning out the experiences you want is essential.

 Take the example of Don and Sue, who worked with both Sweet Financial and followed The Dream Architect™ process. Through The Dream Architect the financially well-off couple mapped out a Dream Board of experiences like travel, volunteerism, community assistance and family experiences.

 They made sure they did everything on the board, and with each excursion they sent a photo to Sweet and Anderson. When Sue fell ill, instead of regret the couple felt deep gratitude that Sue had experienced her dreams before she was physically unable. The pictures, the moments and memories were there. Thankfully, her health returned and they created a new Dream Board together.

“The beautiful thing about helping people build the life of their dreams is that every narrative is different,” Sweet says. “Each person has their own definition of success, fulfillment and purpose.” 

Start planning for your dreams. The Dream Architect™ Life Immersives will help you actually live your dreams,, not just talk about them. Go to www.DreamArchitect.com, take the assessment, get the book and watch the bonus video. 

Your life will never be the same.

Watch the full interview with Brittany and Bryan on the Capability AmplifierPodcast.

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