What if Knowing, Liking and Trusting Yourself is Actually the Key to Success in Both Sales and Life?

Anyone in marketing and sales knows the Know-Like-Trust (KLT) factor. Your customers need to know, like and trust you before they work with you, a business concept that has been around for decades. This sales method is taught in business schools all over the country and has since become so mainstream that you can Google it and find hundreds of references.

Yet turning this factor inward can be intoxicating to others and impactful in your own life and business. However, it’s the key to unlocking your success in sales and in life. 

Imagine being certain of your decisions instead of feeling stuck or hesitant, being lifted by relationships instead of being emptied out and drawing money easily into your life, instead of struggling to find the next client or opportunity. 

Knowing, liking and trusting yourself is the key to unlocking your personal, professional and financial success. When you know yourself, you are calm and certain, not distracted and stressful. When you like yourself, you have positive collaborative relationships, not competitive ones filled with power plays. When you trust yourself, you feel abundant, successful and loved, not lacking, frustrated and disconnected.

Kim Woods found out how little she knew, liked and trusted herself when her son was born with significant health issues. She had spent all of her time building a successful career based on someone else’s definition of success, to the point she had lost myself.

“When the doctors told me that my son wouldn’t throw and catch a ball, walk up the stairs naturally or have a normal social life, I was floored, but I remembered who I was at the core – I’m a strategist and wildly intuitive.”

Kim relied on her knowing to defy the doctor’s predictions. She liked herself to marry ancient wisdom with western methods and did not accept the doctor’s plan to merely work around the issues. She trusted herself to see her strategies through for 8 years until she saw complete transformation. 

This internal know-like-trust or True KLT Method™ is so powerful that Kim has taken it into her business with incredible results. 

Know-Like-Trust for business and sales

Knowing yourself leads to finding your life purpose to increase your success. “One of my clients was running a mid-6 figure direct sales business and was getting bored. Her soul purpose is all about leadership, so in one of our first meetings, I asked her, “Do you want to be a sales person or a leader?”

This question stopped her flat. If she combined leadership with her ability to sell, she could build an empire. To create a stage, her audiences have gone from 100 to 100k+.  The other week, we practiced for a 120K person event, which she crushed by-the-way and now she’s working with the elite leaders in her company and helping them lead their own teams.” Kim shares.

Liking yourself helps define your satisfaction and claim your power. Another one of Kim’s clients had three businesses and wasn’t making any money. She was constantly chasing the marketplace for the next trend. Once Kim helped her see the best business approach for her, they crafted her business based on what satisfies her. Eventually she stopped following others and tapped into her own power. Now, she is running one successful business, making mid-6 figures, has 25K+ followers and is a magnet in the marketplace. 

Trusting yourself is the key to financial success. “Another client has seen success, but wanted to break into the 7-figure level and just couldn’t get there. She kept tapping out at multi-6 figures. I realized trust was her biggest issue. She stopped opportunities because she didn’t trust others enough to help her. Working on her trust issue combined with business scalability modeling, she’s just surpassed $90K a month and will reach $1M this year.” Kim shares. 

Know-Like-Trust for life

The True KLT Method™ isn’t just for business. For those readers who may be thinking “this doesn’t apply to me, I’m not selling.” You actually are selling. Every day everyone is making a sale as a sale is merely an exchange to get a result.

  • For parents, you ‘sell’ your children on eating nourishing foods by using the airplane method or other means of cajoling. 
  • For singles, you ‘sell’ the idea of a particular someone going on a date with you. 
  • For teens, you ‘sell’ your prospective college on admitting you or prospective employer on hiring you without much experience. 

The beautiful thing is even if you don’t think about the sales aspect, the True KLT Method works as it applies to every area of your life. Knowing yourself is the key to being purposeful and successful. Liking yourself satisfies your needs as well to helps you step into your power for positive relationships and trusting yourself improves your love life and increases your prosperity. 

The key to knowing, liking and trusting yourself

Going inward is the key to using the True KLT Method. Tapping into your intuition is the fastest way, so here are 3 tips:  

  1. Create moments of silence. Intuition is fleeting at first, so take breath snacks throughout the day to quiet your mind. Take 3 breaths, 3 times a day. 
  2. Say YES to your intuition. You may not have been listening to it, so you need to practice doing so.  
  3. When your intuition gives you a nudge, follow it. Following your intuition makes it stronger. 

By following into your intuition, you go inward to know, like and trust yourself better. Answering how you know, like and trust yourself isn’t easy, so Kim has created a quiz to help you. Get your know-like-trust profile at http://knowyourlifequiz.com. You’ll also receive tips and tools to help you on your way. 

Follow the True KLT Method to live your own life purpose, have inspiring and satisfying success and attract more love and money into your life.



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