What Inspired Daniel Kelly To Start A Book On How Men Can Optimize Their Health At Under 35

Health has been one of the primary concerns in today’s world. This is because more people are discovering various health benefits from different food, diets, and exercises. But health goes beyond the physical, just like how Daniel Kelly discovered. 

After taking a routine blood test to make sure that he’s in top shape, Daniel had a revelation that would change his life. He saw that he had the testosterone levels of an 80-year-old man.

To solve this dilemma, he decided to raise his hormone levels by going to the gym. But what worked for many others, didn’t work for Daniel. Now getting desperate, he began to undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) so he could optimize his testosterone levels. 

Compared to going on his trips to the gym, this treatment bore better results for Daniel as he saw significant improvement in his energy, libido, and mood. Later, he would realize that this journey of his opened him to new opportunities for his career and his lifestyle. 

Optimizing Men 

After realizing that if he had exercised proper sleep quality, gut health, stress, nutrition, and hormones, then he would have never undergone testosterone replacement therapy. Eventually, it dawned upon Daniel that many men have similar concerns as he did but have yet to find the answer to their problems. 

With that, he started a coaching business that’s focused predominantly on teaching men how to optimize their health without the need for medication so they can rely on themselves and not on other factors. 

He also launched a new book titled Optimized Under 35 to help reach more men and get them on the right track for better health at an early age. 

Through his career as a men’s health coach, Daniel teaches his clients to look at the bigger picture and be able to determine which piece goes where in their lives. So that by the end of their time together, his clients would have created their own blueprint for living a health-centered lifestyle as a habit. 

Using A Holistic Approach 

“I believe my approach to health and fitness is pretty unique within the space. A lot of coaches take a myopic approach to health, which focuses purely on the training aspect of health. That means you gotta hit your numbers in the gym and make sure you eat enough protein,” Daniel said.

His experience of not reaping rewards from the gym and having to optimize other aspects of health such as hormone optimization, sleep quality, stress management, as well as one’s spiritual and emotional well-being, led him to take this approach. 

“As far as I’m concerned, these things all go hand in hand. If you want to be a healthy, fulfilled, energetic individual, then you gotta take care of them all. These elements are what I specialize in,” Daniel said.

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