40 Best Instagram Growth Services (2020)

Best Instagram Growth Services 2020

There are many different types of Instagram growth services available right now.

Some are trending, while others have been around for quite a while. However, if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for, you could very easily be taken advantage of.

We want to make sure that you only have access to the right brands – the ones that are going to provide you with the best engagement out there. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your time and money, which is the last thing you need.

If you’re looking for a service that can help you get high-quality engagement in your content and a high retention rate of the followers you gain, then we need to talk about it.

Best Instagram Growth Services (2020)

Let’s take a look at the top growth services for Instagram, and discuss why using one is a good choice.

1. Growthoid

Growthoid Instagram Growth Service


Why is Growthoid number 1 on this list?

Apart from delivering great results, they are also a completely manual service, which = 100% safety. So you don’t have to live in fear of being banned by Instagram.

It’s super simple to get started. You just sign up and then fill out a survey that your agent will refer to in order to understand your account. Your agent will then manually engage with potential followers in your target market.

No spam, no fake followers, no bots. Just pure organic growth powered by real people working on your account for you.

Growthoid’s blend of flexibility yet specialisation, great pricing and attentive customer service make them a refreshing newcomer in the social media marketing space and that’s the reason they have been named the safest Instagram growth services.

2. Hashtags for Likes

Want to know the best thing about Hashtags for Likes? They’re completely organic. Want to know something else about Hashtags for Likes that is pretty cool?

They’re totally safe because they’re the best when it comes to hashtags. How badly do you need help with your hashtag game, but you don’t want to get in trouble for using a third party? Then you need to use Hashtags for Likes.

Just make sure that you don’t use hashtags that have previously been banned, and then you’ll be okay. If safety is a top priority for you, then we highly recommend you try Hashtags for Likes.

3. Stormlikes

Stormlikes takes care of its clients from the beginning to the end, so that you can feel confident that you’re in good hands with them.

One of the things that stands out to us about them is that they promise good customer support, which, as we’ve discussed above, is one of the most important things for you to make sure of with a growth service.

In fact, they explain that it’s their top priority. They also have advanced features for their high-quality engagement, which includes delayed views and likes, so that they appear natural and in line with your existing Instagram growth.

4. SocialViral

SocialViral is not only passionate about sharing high-quality engagement with its clients, but it makes sure that it offers them at affordable prices. It also promises immediate results, so you’re not left waiting around for too long to reap the rewards.

We also like that they can help you with other profiles, too, like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and even Spotify. If you need a company that can help you across the board, so that all of your engagement matches up, then you need to consider trying SocialViral. They’ve also encrypted their site to make it even safer.

5. ektor.io

Do you need a growth tool that can not only implement smart systems that will make them undetectable but offer proxies as well to hide your identity completely? Then you need to try ektor.io.

This growth tool for Instagram is pretty much as advanced as it gets, which is great news for you – especially if you’re not that tech-savvy yourself.

We love that their features are varied and include things like hashtags and username targeting, and we also love that their main priority is keeping their clients safe. Honestly, we couldn’t really ask for any more in a growth tool.

6. SidesMedia

The thing that we love the most about SidesMedia is that they’re focused primarily on one thing so that you can feel confident they’re specialized and putting everything into their Instagram growth service & features.

SidesMedia is known for its followers, so if you’re looking for high-quality, safe followers that have a high retention rate and can make your Instagram account look good for a long time, then we highly recommend checking out this company.

They also have great customer support, as well as attractive pricing, too, which is going to fit in nicely with your budget.

What’s more, is that SidesMedia can also help you with your TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms if you’re so inclined.

7. Upleap

Upleap looks kinda simple from the outside, but that’s the beauty of it – it’s really simple and easy to sign up and get started, and the best thing is they offer a free trial for you too.

Not only are Upleap safe, but they have an awesome organic Instagram growth service to go along with it.

They offer each client a dedicated account manager, and you can even try their services out before committing to anything. This is a great way to know a company, and a great way to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality out there.

8. Nitreo

We love innovators, and we love people that are willing to come up with the solution themselves if they can’t get it conventionally. This is what we see when we look at Nitreo.

These guys are so intent on providing their clients with high-quality engagement that they’ve created their own APIs so that you can avoid being detected when you use their services. For this reason alone, they warrant a mention as one of the top growth tools.

We haven’t really come across this before, so we definitely like the look of it and think that it gives them a great point of difference. If you want organic Instagram growth & engagement, that’s going to lift up your profile, check out Nitreo.

9. Ingramer

For one of the best IG growth tools in the business, go for Ingramer. We love Ingramer because they have such a wide range of features to choose from.

They can help you with direct bulk messages, as well as scheduling your upcoming content. Another thing that they can help you with is finding the top hashtags for your niche, through their hashtag generator.

They have advanced targeting features, and of course, their engagement is high quality. If you’re someone who wants to make the most of multiple features, go for Ingramer.

10. Kicksta

Are you hoping to find a service that’s not only going to help you get what you need to get done but is doing to do so in a safe manner? If this sounds like you, then you need to consider looking at Kicksta. They promise their clients that they don’t mess with bots, fake followers, or spam. They just offer pure organic growth that you can use to help your account get further than the competition.

They make sure that each and every one of the followers that they target for you is going to be interested in your content, and won’t just be a random. They say that they use cutting edge technology among other things, so we think that you’ve got a pretty good shot of doing well with them.

11. Social Buddy

This Instagram growth tool can help you increase your Instagram followers gradually over time. This means that you can try and find the right ones for your account, and they won’t just be random. We love that they can not only help you grow your following through Instagram, but they can also help you improve that engagement rating as well.

There aren’t too many companies out there that are committed to helping with both, so we really do appreciate this trend. We also appreciate that they can help you with targeting features that include hashtags, interests, location and your niche. There’s honestly nothing that we would change about this company.

12. Social Sensei

Another great growth service is Social Sensei, and they claim to have helped a lot of people so far that are using personal and business Instagram accounts. They say that they can help you with Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube as well as Instagram, so it’s an all in one kind of deal.

They also say that they promise to use real human growth and no fake followers. They want to help you grow your Instagram over a long period of time, in a way that’s helpful to the sustainability of your community. What more could you want?

13. Tree Frog

This service says that it can help with organic growth over a long period of time as well, which means that you can be in it for the long haul, and not worry about falling behind. They can help you with specified features, and they can also help you set up your account in almost no time at all.

They want to help you grow your comments, likes and followers so that you can do it all at the same time and have an engagement rate that looks really good. They can also help you with your Twitter as well, so you can cover two of the most important social platforms at the same time.

14. Ampfluence

Ampfluence makes sure that they only use organic growth strategies to help you grow your Instagram account. This means that you don’t have to worry about what people are going to think of your profile when they visit it, because it will be obvious to them that it’s completely authentic and genuine.

They say that you can get started with them through a consultation, and once you’ve done this they will be able to get a good idea of what you need from them, including what niche and industry you fall into. They say that they are also a stickler for security and safety, making them one of the best services out there.

15. Social Captain

If you’re looking for targeted growth in a growth service that’s going to make sure your account looks good at all times, you can’t go past Social Captain. This company has it all in terms of your Instagram growth, and all they want to do is help you get ahead with your content so that you can find people to really appreciate it.

They say that they can talk to you at first and learn all about your account and what it needs. They can figure out the right hashtags for your growth, as well as the right locations to target, meaning that everything is done with your niche and industry in mind no matter what.

16. Combin

Combin wants to help its clients with a service that comes with all the bells and whistles, but it also wants to make sure that you can cover everything else at the same time.

This means that they can help you post upcoming content that you’ve already created, and they can also help you come up with a content planning solution so that you can work out when the best times to post are. They can help you with many different filters, and use machine learning to get it right every time.

17. HypePlanner

Are you someone who would really appreciate being able to get in touch with your growth service whenever you need to, even if it is in the middle of the night? Then you need to try a service like HypePlanner.

This company promises that they can help you with great customer support so that any technical issue can be resolved straight away. They also say that their features are run by real people, and while they might be a bit on the pricey side, we think that they are completely worth it. Try them for your growth today and see the difference that they can make.

18. Stellation Media

If you haven’t heard of Stellation Media yet, then it’s about time that you did. Why? Because they are potentially one of the top services out there. They not only care about their clients enough to update their services regularly, but they also make sure to keep you safe while you’re at it.

You book in a consultation with them so that you can learn all about what they offer, and once you’ve done this they will begin targeting the right people for your profile. Honestly, we haven’t found a better service out there.

19. Falcon.io

Falcon.io Is an Instagram publishing and measurement tool. Falcon.io says that they can help you collaborate, manage, and create your own Instagram strategy, which can include images, videos, and your stories. This growth tool wants to help you plan your next and Instagram campaign using advanced insights.

It says on the website that you can request a demo of their services, and it looks like you can use them for more than just your Instagram growth as well, which is always nice. They say that they can help you with LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook.

Falcon.io Wants to help you create visual campaigns that are going to stay true to your brand so that you can find the best audience for your content. They can even help you plan and publish content in advance.

20. Meet Edgar

If there’s one thing that you want to try and achieve with your Instagram account, it efficient and streamlined publishing so that you can have nothing but positive results on your content and end up feeling a lot more organized in general. Meet Edgar is the type of service that knows that’s your brand as your business, and they know that you’re probably going to be pretty picky about who you choose to help grow it.

They want to help you automate it but not in a way that’s going to mess around with the integrity of your brand and make you look like you’re trying to spam your followers. You can try them for free so that you can figure out if they are a good fit for you or not.

21. ViralRace

Viral Race Say that they offer 100% real Instagram views, likes, and followers, and one of the best things about their features is that you can get them either gradually or straight away. This is going to give your profile a great look and ensure that it won’t appear disingenuous to your existing following.

Companies like this like to keep things simple, yet when you realize how effective their features are, you’ll see that things don’t have to get complicated to do well on Insta. On the website, they promised that they could help you with real engagement from real people, and they don’t mess around with fake accounts or bots. They say that they have over 500,000 people on their network who earn a certain amount for interacting with your content.

22. Instapromote

Instapromote Is the kind of growth service that can help you with every aspect of your Instagram profile, which means that you can get help with your views, likes, and followers. This way, you can get things going all at once, and you don’t have to worry about your engagement rate looking off.

Because your engagement rate is one of the most important parts of growing your Instagram, you need to make sure that you find a company that is in line with this. They say that their main goal is to meet all of their clients’ expectations, and they also say that they want to help you with high-quality likes and followers.

23. Kenji

If you haven’t heard of the next agency on our list, don’t we think it’s about time that you do? Kenji Has been around for quite a while now, which means that they have a deep understanding of the industry and how to help their clients so that they remain satisfied.

They say that through their marketing service, they can help you get more Instagram likes, followers, and engagement overall. The best part? You can get started with them within just a few seconds, and they have a two-week guarantee, where if you’re not satisfied at the end of this period, they will give you your money back. They claim to have helped over 100,000 clients already, and you could be next in line.

24. Media Mister

When thinking about high-quality services that can make a real difference to your account, it’s hard to pass up on Media Mister. This company has a lot of things going for it, but one of the things that we like the most about it is that it can help you with other social networks as well. This means that you can grow your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, all at once, so that your brand is synchronized across the board.

We love that they have a tiered pricing system, which makes it super easy for you to choose which features you need based on how much you’ve got to spend on your marketing budget if you want to align yourself with an Instagram growth company that gives you a lot of options we recommend trying out Media Mister.

25. Trusy

Trusy Is a unique, interesting IG growth service because they don’t hold back when it comes to their features or their pricing. They are confident that they know their worth, which means that they aren’t afraid to put their prices a little higher than everyone else. This means that yes, you are going to end up paying a little bit more for their services, but honestly, we think that it’s worth it.

They might not have been around for too long compared to some other companies in the industry, but since they first got started, they have wasted no time improving themselves as a hallmark amongst the clients. If you’re looking for a real Insta growth service that doesn’t beat around the bush, Trusy comes highly recommended.

26. Follow Adder

The next company on our list of the best Instagram services for you to check out takes us all the way back to the beginning of the Instagram growth industry.

It’s been a while since this industry got its first couple of companies, and since then, they have exploded in both variety and popularity. There is no limit to how many Instagram growth companies there are out there now, but there is a limit to how many pioneered the industry.

Follow Adder Is one of these companies. We love that they can help you get real Instagram followers for your page, and their scheduling and growth software makes it really easy for you to get organic growth on your feed. Check them out today and see why so many people still use this well-established company.

27. Linktree

There are many different aspects to growing your profile, one of them being your Instagram bio. If you are not making the most of your bio, then you could be turning potential followers away left and right without even knowing it. This is why it’s so important not only to outsource some of your Instagram growth but to find the kind of companies that can help with all aspects of it.

We love that the next site on our list, Linktree, can sort that Instagram bio link out for you. This way, you can connect all of your audiences to all of your content with just one link. this is the kind of efficiency you need if you’re going to take Instagram seriously. Check them out today, and see how they can help you.

28. Later

The thing that appeals to us the most about Later for your Instagram growth is that they can help you with that whether you are brand new to Instagram or have you been using it for years now. Isn’t it always nice to find a company that can customize your plan for you so that it can fit in with your personal preferences?

This is how Later can help you. You get to choose whether you get billed annually or monthly, and you can include additional social sets and additional users into your plan as well. Their free plan offers you one social set and 30 posts per social profile, while their starter plan can help you build your social strategy from the ground up. This is going to cost you from just $7.50 a month, and you can get 60 posts per social profile. This kind of pricing is not common in the industry, so we recommend that you make the most of it.

Their biggest price point, their Advanced package, it’s going to cost you $33 a month, and you will be billed annually for it. It can help you with unlimited posts.

29. Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s main goal when it comes to your Instagram growth is to help you grow and build stronger relationships. They also want to help you reach and understand your audience better and engage in your community so that you can measure the performance of your content and build the right connections around it.

They say that they have been able to help more than 20,000 world-class brands and companies around the world, and their customer support is one of the best out there. They have developed a platform for all points of connection, so you can get help with publishing, engagement, analytics, and listening. Honestly, we don’t think that there’s a lot that Sprout Social can’t do for you, which is always nice.

30. Followersup

If Media Mister up there got your attention when we were talking about it, then we think that you are going to like the sound of Followersup as well. This Instagram growth company is also tiered when it comes to their pricing, which means that you get to choose how much you spend, depending on how much engagement you need. For example, if you want more Instagram likes on your profile, you can purchase 100 for just $3.

They say that delivery can take up to 24 hours, and all deliveries come with a lifetime warranty, which means that they will replace any lost engagement at any point. If you have any further questions about their services, you can get in touch with them directly through the message box on their homepage.

31. Social Viral

Are you hoping to find a service that can offer you not only real engagement for your Instagram profile but exclusive features as well that you might not be able to get anywhere else?

Then you need to consider taking a look at Social Viral seriously. this service has been around for a while now like others on this list, and they can help you not only with your Instagram growth but with your TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook growth as well. We like that their results are immediate, so you will never be waiting around for too long for them. They also boast of having really good pricing as well, so you don’t have to go outside of your budget to make the most of them.

32. Social Follow

What is unique about Social Follow is that they can help you get free Instagram followers, and they claim that it’s super easy to do so. This is ideal if you are somebody who doesn’t have a huge marketing budget to spend on Instagram followers right now, but you know that investing in some is going to go a long way.

They even promise that you wouldn’t need to fill out a survey, and you won’t need to share your password to get your free Instagram followers. They have a sign-up process that is limited, which means that it’s first and first served. They promise that they use SSL encryption, which means that any data shared on their website is going to be protected.

33. Foost

Foost is a website that knows how important that Instagram traffic is to the success of not only your content on Instagram but your website as well if you are a brand that’s trying to expand their presence online.

We like that they can target real customers for you, and their personal customer representative works on your behalf to choose the right followers to see your content. We also like that they take pride in their top tier security, and they utilize precise targeting so that only people who are truly going to be interested in your Instagram content will be shown.

They have customer support that is available whenever you need it, which includes chat support so that you don’t have to wait for an email back.

34. The Millennial Marketers

The Millennial Marketers Say that they are the highest-ranked Instagram ads agency. They also say that they have a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot, which is a leading third-party website for reviews of growth services. The Millennial Marketers Say that once you have signed up with them, you will be redirected to an account submission form where you will be able to enter your details.

They will begin to process your auto right away, and a customer service representative will be in touch. Once the growth begins, they began to drive traffic to your page and build the authority of your Instagram. This way, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you have growth experts taking care of things for you.

35. Simplygram

SImplygram Starts out strong with the promise that you can get as many as 5000 new Instagram followers every month, and they also claim that they are the best organic service in the industry. They say that they can offer potential clients a free trial so that you can see whether their services are well suited to your Instagram page or not.

The first thing they need you to do for them is to tell them all about your audience and include any hashtags that are relevant to your niche and industry so that they can use them to grow your account for you. They offer a personal account manager that can guarantee that 100% of your new followers are going to be targeted and highly likely to engage with your content.

36. Buzzoid

Are you somebody that doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, and you need just to find tool that can get on with things for you without any fuss?

Then you need to check out Buzzoid. This tool can help you find the right Instagram likes and followers for your page within minutes, and they won’t even ask you to part with any of your sensitive information, like your password. They claim to have some of the fastest delivery in the industry, and they guarantee that as a client, you will be satisfied. They offer good customer support as well and have set it up so that you can get in touch with them whenever you need it.

37. IG Clerk

IG Clerk promises its clients that I can help them grow their Instagram account in an organic, authentic, and safe way. They say that they are a completely manual agency, and they have somehow managed to figure out how to scale, which means that you are going to end up paying less for more.

Growth features begin at just $19.00 a month, and the best part is that they are completely compliant with Instagram’s terms and conditions. They offer potential clients a free trial for seven days to see whether they’re a good fit, and they don’t ask you for your credit card details, so there’s no risk of getting ripped off after the seven days is up.

38. Mapiac

Mapiac ‘s pretty confident in what they offer and says that their methods are actually going to work. One thing that we really like about this growth service for Instagram is that they can help you, whether you have a personal profile or a business page that is trying to drive more traffic to your website.

If you want to see how they work, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial, and their team will get back to you about it within 24 hours. Just like IG Clerk, Mapiac isn’t going to take your credit card details for you to try it, and as far as we can tell, they are appropriately accountable to their clients

39. Instazood

Instazood Wants to help you get more followers on social media with their automation tools, and they can help you with many different aspects of your Instagram profile.

This means that they can help you with automatic liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, viewing stories, and DMs. they offer potential clients a five-day trial, and they have a demo that you can check out see how they work. One of the things that we like a lot about this Instagram growth company is that they let you retain most of the control, and their features are completely safe to use, so there’s no risk to your account’s existing reputation.

40. AI Grow

If you need an Instagram management service that you can really rely on, we suggest that you check out AI Grow. This company can help you with managed Instagram growth, and they claim to have a team of human Instagram experts who can help you drive engagement and growth to your profile using data insights. They say that they are the real deal and don’t use fake followers or bots to get the job done.

They can also help you with that link in your bio, well you can link to all of your other social networks in order to consolidate your social growth online. Additionally, they have a post scheduler that makes it really easy to plan content for later so that you can focus on making even more of it.

Choose a Growth Service That Prioritizes High-Quality Followers

Best Instagram Growth Service in 2020

If you choose a growth service that provides low-quality or fake followers that are cheap, then this is only going to hurt your account at the end of the day.

While you might love the price tag, it’s going to cost you more in the long run. This is because low-quality followers are going to make your profile look good temporarily, but over time they’ll start to drop off again. High-quality followers won’t do this – once they’ve started following you, they’ll be there to stay.

The top Instagram growth service offers you real engagement that will instantly bring more credibility to your page. How do you know what’s good and what’s not?

A lot of the time, companies that provide real organic Instagram growth will have a good reputation and great customer testimonials. Their customers will be gushing about how great their engagement is, and how it’s helped their account grow even more.

At the end of the day, you want your follower count to look good, right? This is why you need to spend a little bit more and find a high-quality service that offers real followers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Growth Services

Instagram Growth Services

We already know why we’re all here – to increase our follower count on the gram.

It’s no secret that this is what everyone wants, above anything else. This is why we put content up there in the first place, right? The reason why an Instagram growth service can be so helpful for your growth is that it can showcase high-quality followers and likes that have a high retention rate, giving you the best chance at succeeding.

If the engagement on your page isn’t high quality, it will show. It’s going to have a low retention rate, which means that after a while, it will drop off your content, leaving it exactly where it was when you started.

There are a lot of companies out there that are lazy about how they help their clients grow and send them low-quality followers and likes that aren’t going to make their account look good. You want to avoid these types of companies.

Do you want real engagement that makes your account look good and is going to stick around for a long time? Then you at least know what your profile deserves, which is a great first step. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of finding an Instagram growth service that is best at providing its clients with high-quality followers:

  • Time-Saver: when you have real engagement being delivered to your profile, you won’t have to spend any of your own time trying to find people to interact with your content. You’ve got this side of things covered so that you can put more time and energy into creating awesome content. Low quality, cheap followers will only make your account look spammy, and cause you more work in the long run.
  • Help with Your Reputation: when people come to visit your profile, and they see that the engagement on your content is high quality, they will know that you’ve got the best marketing strategies on board, which is, of course, going to help your online credibility.
    This will immediately bring a sense of authority to your brand, which, of course, is going to increase your chances of being seen by big brands who want to collaborate.
  • Improve Your Engagement Rate: when you’ve got real followers on your content that hang around and don’t drop off after a while, this helps significantly with your engagement rate. Your engagement rate is the ratio of followers to likes and comments. If your likes and comments are sticking, and they might get you closer to having a good engagement rate that helps people see you as an authentic, genuine Instagram profile.

The safest growth services out there will provide you with high-quality comments, likes, and followers that might cost you a little bit more than their cheap counterparts, but will pay themselves off time and again as they continue to benefit your profile.

Look for These Types of Growth Services

Instagram growth

So, with all this being said, what do you need to be looking for in a growth service?

Before we dive into it, we have to mention the use of hashtags in relation to growth services. There are a lot of growth services that offer help with hashtags – but you’ve got to be smart about this.

This is because Instagram is always on the lookout for people to shadowban, who aren’t using hashtags correctly. Make sure not to use banned hashtags, or hashtags that are inappropriate or have nothing to do with your niche and industry.

If you do, you could get shadowbanned, which means that Instagram will limit your reach to just those that are already following you. Now that you know this let’s move on to what you should be looking for.

The first thing that you need to look for in an Instagram service is affordable pricing. In this industry, there’s a huge difference between cheap and affordable pricing. Cheap pricing usually always means that the quality of the followers, likes, and comments is low.

However, on the other side of this, affordable pricing usually means that the quality is much higher. The best Instagram growth services offer prices that might not be the cheapest you’ve come across but match the value of their features.

Second, you need to find a company that talks about having a high retention rate. In fact, the best companies in this business have a retention rate guarantee and will refill their customers with engagement if anything happens. The engagement they purchased drops off for some reason.

Lastly, of course, you need to look for a company that’s going to be upfront and honest about what they do. There’s no point in going for a company that is shady and doesn’t really want to talk about their features.

This is a big red flag and usually means that the engagement is low, and it won’t last you very long. Once you know what to look for in a growth service, it won’t be hard for you to find the best one for your niche and industry.

What Are Their Features?

organic Instagram growth services

Before you choose the growth company that you’re going to stick with, you need to make sure that you know what they’re offering in terms of their service and what they’re like as a company in general.

If you end up committing to being with a service that doesn’t end up having the same vision as you, then you’re not going to last, and you’re going to wish you had chosen someone else. This is why it’s vital that you know as much about the growth company before you sign up as you can.

Let’s take a look at what we think are the features to look out for when considering a growth service for your Instagram engagement.

  • Customer Service: there is little more important than customer service in an industry like this. It’s just too unregulated for you to sign up with just any old company, especially one that doesn’t prioritize being able to get in touch with its clients. If you do sign up with a company that has bad customer support, then you’re going to end up feeling pretty frustrated at times. This is because you might run into difficulties, and then find that they’re completely out of touch and really hard to reach. This is not the kind of experience you want to have. A good customer support team also shows that the brand stands by their features, and is willing to combat any issue that might arise as a result of using them. What does good customer support look like, then? It looks like a chatbox on their website, preferably on the homepage, where you can access it as soon as you visit them. It also looks like offering multiple ways to connect, from an email form to a number you can call, or even a Facebook page where you can message them.
  • Online reputation: most of these companies try to include a couple of customer reviews on their website, but if you want to really be sure that the company you’re committing to is above board, you’ve got to look elsewhere as well. There are a lot of websites that you can check out that will corroborate customer testimonials, giving you the kind of information that you need to make a decision about them. Companies like Trustpilot are great for getting to know a company better, and finding out what other people think about it who haven’t been featured on the website. The reality is, companies that don’t have a great reputation with their clients might have some fake reviews on their website, but when you go elsewhere to find out more about them, you won’t be able to find anything positive. You might even come across negative reviews.
  • Compare Quality and Price: when thinking about how much you’re prepared to spend on an Instagram growth agency, there’s one thing that you need to remember above everything else – you will get what you pay for. This means that if a growth service isn’t that much money, then it’s probably not high quality, and won’t offer a high retention rate. When you go online and check out various examples of Instagram growth companies, you will discover that there is quite a wide range of prices. There are companies out there that charge their clients just $5 a month, and then there are companies that charge them $300 a month. When looking at each one, you’ve got to decide whether their price matches the quality of their engagement. Remember when we talked about opting for affordable, not cheap? The companies selling cheap engagement will be in it for a good time, not a long time. This means that they will just have low-quality engagement that they want to get out there, and they couldn’t care less whether it sticks around for the client or not. So, at the end of the day, this means that you’re probably going to have to pay a bit more than you had anticipated. Don’t get discouraged, though – this ultimately means that you’re paying for high quality, and you’re not going to find this with every company. What you pay now is going to pay itself off for a long time if you get it right, so remember to choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

So, what can we all learn from this, then?

That the quality of your followers is super important. There are literally hundreds of sites out there where you can buy Instagram followers and help you attract more people to your page in a seriously short amount of time.

However, if you’re someone who is serious about how their brand is portrayed online, and only want to build your reputation up not down, then you need to take the Instagram growth service you use seriously, too.

You’ve got to make sure that they have all the right features. From great customer support to high-quality followers and a high retention rate, you’ve got to make sure that they tick all the boxes. Otherwise, they could end up hurting your online credibility more than helping it.

Remember, the more you put into your Instagram engagement, the more you’re going to get out of it. Sometimes, you’ve got to pay a little bit more than you’d like to associate with a company that has its priorities in order.

Growthoid and the other companies you see above are the best Instagram growth services & tools that you will find – and they believe in keeping their clients safe, and around for a long time. Enjoy their high-quality features, and know that you’re with some of the best in the business that is also going to be able to keep you safe, too.

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