What Is the Training Content of Cisco CCNP?

Through Cisco CCNP training, network engineers will be able to more systematically master the relevant Internet knowledge, and further, understand the Internet on the basis of CCNA. Besides, why do we need Cisco CCNP training? The answer, of course, is that through training, we can be more confident in obtaining the CCNP. In SPOTO, the pass rate of CCNP is 100%. So why do you have to get CCNP?

For network engineers, CCNP can be said to make themselves competitive. Compared with CCIE, the new CCNP is easier to conquer, and a certificate is enough to make the starting point of employment salary of Cisco CCNP network engineers higher. Cisco CCNP network engineers are in great demand. The demand for network engineers is more than 900,000 every year.

With the rapid development of networks, the training speed of network engineers has not kept up. The supply of network engineers exceeds the demand, and the salary is naturally good. In addition, Cisco CCNP network engineer has a large development space and can be engaged in network security engineer, network administrator, database engineer, etc. with the continuous enrichment of experience and skills, it can become a project manager.

When you feel that the technology has reached a certain threshold, you can continue to learn CCIE. If you can get CCIE with experience, the development prospect will be more objective. (however, if conditions permit, I suggest that you can take CCIE directly so that you can save a test fee).

What Does Cisco CCNP Usually Train?

In terms of routing, you can learn to implement EIGRP network, learn to implement multi-area OSPF network, describe the implementation of integrated IS-IS network, learn to implement IOS routing characteristics, learn to implement BGP network in-service operator network, learn to construct multicast network architecture, learn to implement IPv6 network and OSPFv3 operation, learn to implement MPLS VPN based on frame mode VPN, learning to implement a site to site IPSec/VPN network, comparing the similarities and differences between IPSec and GRE, etc.

In terms of switching, you can learn to use VLAN to organize departments and users in the campus network, and learn to implement 802.1Q, ISL; VTP, and EtherChannel, learn to implement spanning tree protocol in a hierarchical network, learn to use the routing method to realize VLAN communication, learn to use gateway redundancy protocol such as HSRP to realize network backup, describe and configure wireless client access, describe the implementation of security features in a switched network, and configure and implement voice support in a switched network.

In the aspect of network troubleshooting, you can understand the process of enterprise network troubleshooting, learn and use troubleshooting tools, learn the fault solutions of enterprise park network, learn the fault solutions of enterprise routing and security, and reasonably implement enterprise network technology. 

Through Cisco CCNP training, we can obtain CCNP at one stroke and reach the road to success in the Internet industry.

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