What Makes Plant-Based Ice Cream Healthy?

Plant-based ice cream, yes, you read the title correctly, is a delicious alternative to traditional ice cream. When you think of plant-based ice cream, you may think nice cream, an alternative made from blending frozen bananas, or sorbet, a dairy-free frozen fruit dessert. Those are sometimes marketed as plant-based ice cream alternatives, but now there is an alternative that tastes like real.

Too Good To Be True

If you are like most people, you are thinking, “ this is too good to be true.” Well, it’s not several companies that have been able to figure out ways to mix corn, oats, and potatoes in rations that mimic the base texture of ice cream. This means that there is no longer a need to use dairy to produce creamy ice cream. This is excellent news for people who have a dairy allergy and has missed the unique texture of traditional ice cream.

Better For You

Plant-based ice cream is made with the finest plant-based all-natural non-GMO ingredients. This means that you can indulge in this treat without the fear of putting any artificial ingredients or chemicals in your body. This product is dairy-free and allows for the fat content to be much lower, making it much more heart-healthy than its traditional alternatives.

Better for the Planet

Plant-based ice cream is not only better for you, but it is also better for the planet. Dairy farms are very destructive to the environment. They use way more than their fair share of the resources of the planet. It would be beyond your comprehension to create an image in your brain of how much water, land, and food it takes to keep a dairy farm up and to run. The planet can not continue to support the growing demand for resources for much longer.

Most dairy farms are not treating their animals well either. Many load their cows with hormones to produce milk far past the time they would have stopped naturally. They also artificially impregnate them, and when they give birth, they immediately take their calves from them. Many cows are milked non-stop, and their udders form sores that release pus into the milk to the point. Did you know federal regulations allow dairy farms to legally sell milk that contains pus as long as it is below a certain percentage?

Most of the companies that produce plant-based ice cream are environmentally conscious about how they run their factories. They try to impact the ecosystems around their factories as little as possible. These companies understand the importance of taking care of the planet we have so that future generations can enjoy it. Plant-based products are easier to produce with a low impact on the environment; they simply use fewer resources.

Now that you know why plant-based ice cream is healthy, it is time for you to give it a try. It is not only more beneficial for you but healthier for the planet as well. The lack of dairy means you can digest it easier, and fewer of the earth’s resources had to be sacrificed to make it. This makes it indeed a guilt-free sweet treat. When you eat it, you can be confident that all the ingredients are 100% natural and safe. It should not be hard to ask that your ice cream be free of puss.

You now have an alternative to plant-based ice cream that you can enjoy puss-free and with no regret.

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