When life gives you struggle just take a sip of positive tea and keep going – says Danny Dhillon.

Further was brought up at Chandigarh and completed his graduation from Chitkara University in Chandigarh. He currently is a resident in New York. He has several hobbies like singing, dancing, writing, reading, gyming and many more.

Danny’s love for music and singing led him to create his own record label by which he has created various kinds of songs in different genres till date. He also runs an artist management and has his own label named as Funky Fox Studios which gives a platform to new talent, apart from his singing career, also he has been an employee for the Infosys company since 9 years serving as a team leader.
His favourites include Punjabi singer and author Satinder Satraj for his beautiful and meaningful lyrics. He says that the person I admire and look forward to is late Kobe Bryant a basketball player who always had a positive attitude towards his life.

Dhillon also talks about his dreams for life in which he mentioned that “ My dream is to create an NGO that has opportunities to help needy people to give them good education and financial support.

He is currently a singer, an actor, a social worker and an engineer, shows his multitasking abilities.

Dhillon conveys his message to public that nothing is impossible, you yourself can do it and do not give up on your dreams. He also says to stay positive and stay grounded.

He believes that the greatest belief he could ever have was to be positive and have trust in God.

Dhillon mentioned that his strength has always been his family and friends who always motivates him and correct him in many situations for turning him into a more perfect person.

He also mentions that his family is also his weakness and does not want to hurt their feelings and emotions at any point so he always take care of his family and tries to move forward in life.

He never forgets to mention his fans for always cheering on him and being by his side in every situation.

Adding more to it Dhillon says life is all about a struggle from an engineer to a singer he chased his dreams recklessly and achieved it. He says, “To achieve your dreams taking a risk to switch your career from technology to entertainment industry itself is a struggle and is very challenging. Just take a sip of positive tea and keep going.”

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