When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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Not all car accidents necessarily need to involve an attorney. However, there are situations when you cannot do without experienced legal advice. In this article, we’re going to discuss when exactly you should contact a personal injury lawyer after an accident. We’ll also touch on what you should do if a legal review of your case is appropriate.

After an Incident Has Caused Major Injuries and Bills

Seeking compensation for your damages becomes more difficult as the number and variety of bills pile up. For example, seeking damages for medical bills, physical rehabilitation, counseling, lost wages, and other costs multiplies the sheer complexity of the paperwork.

If you’re dealing with that chaos, keeping up with all the bills and submitting them with the related forms for reimbursement is hard. If you’re dealing with ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, or the loss of a family member, you need to hand off the work to a professional. However, you should still try to compile all of the legal bills, personal bills, and other paperwork in one place so that you can easily hand it over to whichever attorney you hire.

After You Find Out That the Damage Is Long-Term or Disabling

The complexity of a case skyrockets when you’re dealing with a disability or long-term medical treatment. The average person may be able to estimate the cost of missing work for a week, the medical bills for a single trip to the ER, and damage to their vehicle. If you’re dealing with a disability, estimating lost wages and long-term care is difficult. And in this situation, you can’t afford to make a mistake in estimating how much you need to cover all of the costs you’ve accrued to date and will likely have to pay in the future. A personal injury attorney can help you gather all of the evidence related to your case and secure the greatest possible compensation.

When There Is a Crime Involved

The average personal injury case is challenging. However, if you’re dealing with an uninsured driver, drunk driver, or a hit-and-run case, you need legal assistance to pursue a personal injury case on top of the criminal case. You can file a personal injury case against someone who damaged your property which led to your injury even if they are facing criminal charges.

When There Is Disputed Liability

Sometimes the insurance company disputes the policy holder’s liability. This may arise in multi-party accidents. It is depressingly common in commercial vehicle accidents. An accident attorney can provide the proof the other party was at fault and should pay. Always seek legal counsel when someone refuses to pay, whether or not this arises from disputed liability. Note that you should use an attorney, too, if the person is under-insured and wants to limit their payments to what little their insurance will provide.

Whether you’re dealing with a complex legal case, struggling with the aftermath of an injury, or overwhelmed by the losses you’ve suffered, you need a personal injury attorney by your side. Save the do-it-yourself cases for when you can take the risk of losing.

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