Which Is the Best Website For Insurance Comparison?

Comparison websites are changing the way customers find and buy insurance in Malaysia. Different insurance firms do produce very different quotes for the same customer, even though the policies compared are the same. For this reason, comparing different quotes is a crucial part of buying insurance. It’s also advisable to compare at least four or five quotes from different insurance companies to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Insurance comparison websites are sites that let you compare insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers instantly. They can be of massive help to you in your quest for affordable and reliable insurance; offering bespoke rates, discounts, and different coverage options all on one site. To provide you with an accurate list of quotes, comparison websites might ask you to provide little information about yourself, car, and home coverage needs. This information allows the website to deliver a comprehensive list of different insurance policies, options, and rates.

The Guidelines For Using Comparison Websites

Always Check More Than One Site

A lot of different insurance firms do appear on different comparison websites. So no one website can get you quotes from all insurance companies, and sometimes, some big insurance firms may not appear on comparison sites at all. So I will suggest you check two to three comparison sites to check quotes before making a decision.

Beware: The Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best

You need to be careful and study the policies being provided very well because comparison sites will try to hook you in by showing you lots of low prices. Always remember that sometimes the cheapest insurance policies might not be of great value to you. They probably have a high excess or may not be the right cover for what you want.

Should you select a product from an insurance comparison website, you’ll typically be redirected to the insurance provider’s website to complete the purchase. At that point, some insurance providers will probably want you to buy some additional products (add-ons), which you might not need. So before you buy additional products or add-ons, you should carefully consider whether you need them and recheck the price as there will always be alternatives.

First Isn’t Always the Best

Insurance comparison websites do not give ‘regulated advice.’ What this means is that they provide you with insurers’ product information but not whether a policy has the type and level of coverage that is best appropriate for your needs. So, never assume the first result is the best deal for you.

They’re Not Typically Proper for Complicated Insurance

Quite some insurance policies presented on comparison websites are ‘standard products’ and won’t automatically take your circumstances and necessities into account. Since the sites don’t give advice, you probably will have questions about unusual homes, cars, or property to insure that comparison websites can’t answer.

For more complex insurance, for example, income protection, critical illness, or private medical insurance, it’s a smart idea to examine the various kinds of insurance obtainable so you can be sure you pick a policy most appropriate to your wants. If so, you can talk straight to the insurance company or a financial adviser or agent who will be able to counsel you.

How Insurance Quote Comparison Websites Work

Insurance quote comparison websites provide customers with rates based on information submitted during the shopping experience. You can then choose which quote to pursue, and the data you provided is transmitted to the agent or company website, considerably reducing the buying process. You should know that these websites do not sell your info to insurance companies or agencies.
Insurance comparison websites can be further divided into websites that provide real-time insurance quotes and those that provide estimated ones. Estimated quotes are gotten from historical data, and most times are out of date. To get the most precise information, use a website that offers real-time quotes produced by the insurance companies.

So Which Insurance Comparison Website Is the Best in Malaysia?

Well, there are a few insurance comparison websites in Malaysia. Most are just comparison sites; they don’t offer a comprehensive one-stop insurance service like Fincrew.my.

Founded, wholly owned by NickMetrics group, Fincrew offers real-time, accurate insurance comparison quotes from different insurers, instant purchase, and review policy. The website has an extensive variety of insurance firms to choose from, a simple-to-use interface, and can efficiently service users in all sectors of the market.

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