Why an Inflatable Paddleboard is Essential for Your SUP Adventures

Camping in the desert with some Tower paddleboards.

Stand-up paddleboarding is gaining popularity in every corner of the world. It is because it is fun and has several health benefits. Luckily, it is readily accessible to everyone. However, there are various types of boards to choose from. 

There are surfboards, race boards, touring boards, all-rounders, and inflatable stand-up paddleboards. 

Inflatables are a great choice for stand-up paddling and have numerous advantages over regular hard boards. They are affordable, durable, last longer, and are plain friendly. 

To understand more about iSUP, here are some of the reasons why an inflatable paddleboard is essential for your SUP adventures. 

11 Reasons to buy an Inflatable stand-up paddleboard for your adventures

  1. Travelling

For your adventures, inflatable paddle boards are the easiest to move around with. Travelling with an iSUP is stress-free and you can easily load it up on an aeroplane or in your car. 

All you need is to roll the inflatable board, put it in the bag, and hit the road. It is possible to transport 6six or more inflatable boards, a pump, and a few paddles. But it might be a challenge to carry or travel with six or more hard boards. 

This means inflatables are ideal for a traveller, explorer, or adventurer. You do not need to rely on renting a paddleboard during your adventures. 

  1. Stability and durability

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding, you need to have a little room for error. Happily, the inflatable boards give you the room you need.

They are durable and can survive the fall or rough oceans and rivers. Due to its stability, it is a perfect paddle board for beginners, fitness activities, and Yoga. 

The inflatable paddleboard is a great choice even for those touring remote areas. It can survive any abuse such as rocks, sticks, and other exposures. 

Since they are soft, they can easily bounce off various objects when knocked against them. This means it is an essential paddleboard for adventurers and beginners. 

  1. Storage

Stand-up paddleboards are not small pieces of equipment. They are large and they need a large amount of storage space. 

Since most people do not have a large space, an inflatable board is a perfect choice. You can easily roll the board and keep it in a bag. You do not need a board rack, a large storage room, or a garage for keeping your board. 

  1. Safety

When choosing stand-up paddleboards, inflatable boards are the safest. Even though they can cause some damage to your body or another board, it is not as much as with a hardboard. 

An inflatable board is softer than a hardboard. Hence, if you make contact with it, the risk of an injury is reduced. 

  1. Lightweight

Another reason why an inflatable paddleboard is essential for your stand-up paddleboarding adventures is that it is lighter than a hardboard. 

You can easily carry or move around with the board. It is possible to deflate the inflatable paddleboard when not in use. 

If you are planning to explore some rivers on foot, an inflatable board is the best one to consider. In addition, most of them have handles, making them easier to carry around. 

  1. Resale value

After some years, you may want to upgrade or sell your inflatable paddleboard. The board has a high resale value. 

Unlike hard boards that get scratched, are less portable, and get damaged easily, inflatable boards are durable and remain in good shape even after years of use. 

  1. Great for dog lovers

If you love paddling with your dog, an inflatable paddleboard is a great way to go. It gives your puppy more stability since it is not as slippery as the regular hardboard. 

  1. Extra workout potential

If you are using a hand pump, that is a great workout for your hands. By spending a few minutes pumping your paddleboard, it will warm you up before you start paddling. 

  1. It is more than just a stand-up paddleboard

An inflatable stand-up paddleboard is more than a board for your adventures. Apart from being a paddleboard, you can use it as a bed when you are on an adventure. 

  1. Affordable

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are cheaper than hand stand-up boards. If you want to save some money for your adventure, then consider having the inflatable boards. In addition, renting an iSUP or repairing one will not cripple your budget. 

  1. Hiking friendly

Another reason why an inflatable paddleboard is essential for your SUP adventures is that it is hiking-friendly. 

If you are planning to go for a hike, you can have the iSUP inside your backpack anytime. Moreover, it is possible to use the board in remote areas where a regular hardboard cannot be used. 


These are some of the amazing reasons why you need to consider an inflatable paddleboard for your SUP adventures. Therefore, if you are not sure about the best paddleboard to purchase, an inflatable paddleboard is the best. It is affordable, durable, and suitable for all your adventures. 

But before you get one, ensure to go through the reviews. This will ensure you get the right iSUP for all your paddling needs. 

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