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Why BBIPOC Entrepreneurs Should Know What Shawal Banyamayan Does

Shawal Banyamayan, aka ‘The Mystic Mentor for BBIPOC CEOs’ has made it his passion to help 100 mission-driven entrepreneurs and CEOs, over the course of the next 24 months, find their true potential, awaken their desires and reach for an optimal soul assignment.

Banyamayan is the founder of Mannafest Consulting and, along with Jonathan Roumain, of Indigoflowz, spearheads Melanated Mogul Activation. The two are often hailed as the ‘go-to millennials’ for those in need of marketing automation and web design. In fact, they are known for having created some of the highest-grossing marketing sales funnels and websites.

The goals for Banyamayan and Roumain are to help businesses and nonprofit organizations raise funds, register startup capital, and build business credit, all by leveraging that which they already have in their existing client lists.

In founding the Melanated Mogul course, Banyamayan will help BBIPOC CEOs reach the potential of earning six figures or more, guiding them along the ancient systems and inserting methods, like yoga and meditation, into their personal and professional lives. This, in turn, will promote entrepreneurs and business owners to build their companies with purpose and value.

What BBIPOC is and Why it Matters

The term ‘BBIPOC’ represents those of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color, while in some circles it is also referred to as BBIMP, to emphasize Melanated People.

It is important to recognize the term, itself, because it spotlights the discrimination and prejudice that people of color, or melanated people, still face today. Systemic racism continues to affect the lives of so many people by oppressing and invalidating them and this term brings to the forefront that cultural erasure will not be tolerated or accepted.

Melanated Mogul Activation

Banyamayan currently hosts a transcendent spiritual destination retreat for BBIPOC CEOs and business professionals which is aimed at empowering and awakening them.

The transformational retreat, which spans over three days, invites BBIPOC CEOs and business professionals to partake in an ancestral trauma release, including inner-child healing, business vision expansion, and utilizing powerful ceremonial Earth medicines for energy.

The course was created to help aid 6-7-figure CEOs break free of burnout and ditch the uninspired feelings of having hit an income ceiling. Banyamayan and Co. help them reach higher levels of desire, strive for continued achievements, and follow a higher mission.

“I believe helping this many Entrepreneurs within the BBIPOC Community to ignite a Higher Mission within their business and company will create a ripple effect across the globe in regards to equality, unity, and restoration of Indigenous Practices that have the potential to bring healing to millions of individuals,” said Banyamayan.

“The current system for addressing Mental Health is failing in my opinion. Suicide rates are on the rise, and I believe plant and energy medicines are the waves of the future for healing those who the system has failed.”

About Shawal Banyamayan

Shawal Banyamayan is a Cosmic Transformation Coach, Psychedelic Medicine Ally & dedicated to liberating humanity on a global scale through Soul Coaching and Restoring Ancient Indigenous Medicinal practices. He has helped dozens of clients scale their businesses with custom web design, marketing, and Sales Psychology strategy to achieve financial freedom by tapping into their higher selves. For more, please visit melanatedmogulactivation.com

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