Why Candles Actually Are Peaceful

Candles are so peaceful. Isn’t it nice to light a candle, sit back, relax and just smell the scent of the candle? Or have you ever walked into someone’s house and it just smells so good but you can’t exactly catch what the smell is? Then you ask and it’s something odd like cinnamon cookies. The smells and the peacefulness they bring are my favorite thing about candles. For some reason they just seem like they’re always so peaceful. They also remind me so much of my grandma. She would always have candles on and they used to make her house smell amazing. I used to like to go to her house just to smell the scent of the candles. It was so amazing and soothing. Why are candles actually peaceful though? What is it about them?

Candles are always just so calming. I don’t know if it’s because they remind me of visiting my grandma or what it is. Or maybe it’s the flame. I remember my grandma telling me once that the low light that comes from the flame of the candle is captured by the eyes and sent directly to your brain. That the glow of a candle can cause you to get better sleep, and you may even experience less pain or a strengthened immunity. I think my grandma was on to something. She would always tell me stories and I would wonder if they were real or made up. She was a really wise little old lady, very sweet and lovable. She honestly had like every smell of candle you could think of. Her house was seriously filled with them.

I remember asking her once if she wasn’t afraid to have so many candles in her house. I was just asking her because seriously it could technically be a fire hazard. She told me she wasn’t scared, that the candles helped her relax and that they protected her. I never asked her how they protected her, now I really wish I had. She would show me candles and tell me where they came from and if they were gifted to her, who gave it to her. I asked her how she could remember so much. She would always tell, “Hunny, some things you just never forget.” She honestly had a room full of just candles my grandpa had given her throughout their lives. You could seriously open a wax museum with all the candles she had.

One summer, back when I was probably around 12. I spent a couple weeks with her and she was so much fun. She would actually do crazy things at night with some of her candles. I asked her what she did at night with her candles and she just told me that I was supposed to have been asleep. She was upset with me for the rest of the day. I never left my room at night for the rest of the time I was there. She was back to normal the following day. 

A couple days before my parents went to go pick me up at my grandmas, she took me to a store where all they sold were books and candles. I remember telling her, “Grandma, I think you have more candles than the candle store has.” She just giggled. The cool part was that she told me to pick out a candle, any candle I wanted. I looked around for a while until I saw this really cool candle. I told my grandma I wanted that one and she just said, ”Ok.” On our way back home, she asked me if I knew what kind of cable I had picked out. I responded, “A white one.” She just laughed at me like I had never heard her laugh before.

When my grandma stopped laughing she told me, “You picked out a nice candle. The name of the candle you picked out is a crystal candle. Those candles are special.” I just got excited, I thought it was cool I had picked out a good candle. My parents went to pick me up and we left my grandma’s house, not knowing that that would be the last time I would see her. She passed away five months later. It was a very sad time for me. I was completely devastated. I will never forget my grandma. Such a wonderful lady she was. To this day I still have the crystal candle that she bought me. I keep it in a very special place. I light it just once a year, on the anniversary of when she passed away. I kid you not, every time I have turned on that candle, it smells just like my grandma’s house always did and I feel this peace just comes within me. It’s so weird how peaceful I always feel. Like if she’s there with me. So, once a year, I go back to the days when I used to visit my grandma. God bless.

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