Why Every Local Business Needs To Be On Social Media

If you’ve been reluctant to bring your local business to the social media world, now is the time. Over 77% of small businesses in 2021 are using social media to promote their businesses and you should too. Here are 3 reasons why you should leverage social media to your advantage as a local business:

Growing a Loyal Following

Growing a following may not have seemed like a big deal a few years ago but now it’s more important than ever. Think of Facebook and Instagram as search engines. When a new potential client goes to search for recommendations, it’s becoming more and more common to go straight to Facebook to look to see who has the most promising online presence.

Showcasing Your Work  

Putting your work out there puts you in a better position to get more clients. The more people see what you can do, the more they are willing to work with you. People are much more likely to inquire about your services when they feel connected with you and your business online. 

Generating Trust and Brand Awareness

Trust is everything. You cannot afford to have your clients doubting your every intention. Use social media as an outlet to generate trust and build a strong awareness around your brand locally. Whether that’s by asking clients for reviews or simply building a strong Facebook following, brand awareness is crucial when it comes to appealing to potential clients.

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