Why Failure Will Be the Most Valuable Lesson with This Real Estate Investor and Coach Justin Colby

Many are afraid to go after their quest due to the uncertainty there is as to whether they will succeed or not. This successful real estate investor and coach, Justin Colby, makes it easy for most people who are afraid of being ambitious. According to him, there is no way you can become that person that you want to be without failure. He also affirms that failure will be the most valuable lesson of all.

About Justin Colby

Justin graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in English. He got interested in pursuing a real estate career after connecting with a friend who’s dad was a developer. With over Fourteen years of experience and having flipped over 1700 homes in multiple markets, Justin is now a coach and mentor for thousands of ambitious real estate investors.

He is also a Rockstar national public speaker. People hold him as one of the best trainers in his industry. He is now the co-founder of The Science of Flipping podcast and also that of Phoenix Wealth Builders.

The Real Estate Lessons

Justin Colby has also gone through a rough patch in his pursuits. He went through a phase where he lost his car to a repo man, lost his home, and found himself sleeping on a friend’s couch. He found a coach who helped him bounce back. Getting a coach allowed him to flip houses and rapidly rise to his feet, making a statement in the real estate.

He further had a 79-unit townhome development that he lost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was an awful and depressive moment for him, but the number of lessons from experience is priceless. He eventually made a pivot when the pandemic happened because of the experiences and studies in the past and now is offering to share his knowledge.


Failure teaches you what to avoid in the future and gives you the wisdom to make prudent decisions in like circumstances. Justin was able to hugely pivot out of a valuable lesson he learned from the heavy crash he had in his career.

Colby advises that to be successful; you need to take action and have the fortitude to withstand the failures. In a successful journey, and for you to truly become the person you want to be, you must be ready to face the challenges. Follow Justin Colby on Facebook or have a listen to the various episodes of his podcast.

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