Why French Music Producer And Songwriter Matthieu Miguel Created Daily Squad

Although Matthieu Miguel is only 21, he is just as passionate about music as any other veteran musician and artist. He has already established a project called Daily Squad that is focusing on releasing new tracks to gain a reputation among music lovers. Daily Squad has an official website where all of the tracks released are available. There are also links to Daily Squad’s channels on streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Daily Squad has released a total of five songs since its first track in September 2020. The first track was titled “Make It Back”. In fact, it was this song that helped Matthieu find his place within the music industry after being recognized by an independent label that released this track called Simplify Records.

Soon after, Daily Squad continued to release new tracks one after another. Some tracks gained the attention of other record labels and Matthieu began to grow a follower base. The world’s leading music streaming platform, Spotify allowed Daily Squad to grow its fan base significantly.

For Matthieu, it is his passion for music that drives him to write his songs. As a musician, he wants his tracks to be heard by many people and wants a large audience. He wants his listeners to appreciate the powerful lyrics he brings for every track.

He wants to evoke emotions with his lyrics and music that tell a story that can be close to the hearts of the listeners. A lot of the themes for songs revolve around love, friendship, and heartbreak. These are emotions experienced by almost everyone in their lives and hence the connection with a large audience base is possible.

Matthieu records almost everything in his Daily Squad studio. He loves the comfort of his studio to do his work and feels that he is the best in what he does when he is in his studio doing everything. Matthieu’s ultimate goal for Daily Squad is to create beautiful music that connects with his audience on a deeper level.

For most of his fans, what makes the music so captivating is that it is not only electronic but has strong lyrics to go with the music that is something completely different. The vocals are powerful and each newly released track is getting more and more attention from music lovers. Daily Squad has already collaborated with rising artists including Laney and Andrea Hamilton.

Matthieu wants to share his love for music and wants to get his music out to as many people as possible. Daily Squad has a good presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect better with their audience and keep them updated on all the latest happenings which include new track releases.

Matthieu Miguel wants to take the Daily Squad project to greater heights. He wants to continue releasing new songs and attract more people by evoking strong emotions with a perfect combination of lyrics, vocals, and music. He is also planning to perform at live events to get more exposure and connect better with the audience.

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