Why Having a Professional Translation Service Is Essential to International Amazon Scaling

When it comes to digital marketing and online ads, professionalism, credibility and quality are key. The standard of your online copy will ultimately determine whether you make sales or not, so this should be a priority and not an afterthought. You wouldn’t rely on the service of someone who wasn’t a professional copywriter, so why would you use a free translation service for your international markets?

For startups and up-and-coming businesses who have experienced growth during the pandemic due to a massive boost in online shopping, the opportunity may have arisen to expand into international markets. This isn’t just a case of updating your shipping options, but instead requires a thorough and comprehensive revision of all the text that is attached to your listed products – from ads, to packaging descriptions, to emails.

A search engine like Amazon operates entirely around product descriptions and keywords – when someone goes online shopping, they’re looking for convenience and this often means purchasing the products that appear highest up the search result. If your copy isn’t SEO optimized there’s a very slim chance your products will be placed high up that list – if it isn’t even translated properly, there’s no chance at all. 

Certified translator and owner of YLT Translations Jana Krekic speaks five languages and specializes as an e-commerce expert. Having worked in e-commerce in Europe for eight years as a business development manager, she knows exactly where the common pitfalls of international market expansion lie.

Having opened 14 international shops in her previous roles and carrying over her skills to her own company, YLT Translations is becoming a market leader in the Amazon translation field, offering expert advice on localization and key word research in international markets.

Crucially, words that qualify as SEO optimized in English will be different once translated. It’s essential to not only get an accurate translation, but one where keywords are edited or changed for the international market. “Don’t use Google Translate and don’t let Amazon perform their free machine translations,” Krekic explains. “Whenever you have the words ‘free’ and ‘Amazon’ in one sentence, you know it’s going to cost you a fortune in the end.”

Every translator at YLT Translations is Amazon trained and qualified in an internally designed Marketing Led Translation course, meaning they offer both top quality translations and lively sales copy.

Krekic emphasizes that “you have to do the keyword research for each marketplace separately,” as consumers on different marketplaces search for different things. The differences can be spotted even between US and UK marketplaces despite speaking the same language.

Sweden and the Netherlands are among the European countries that have recently been added to Amazon’s Pan European programme, and are just two of many untapped markets that will become accessible with a simple SEO optimized translation. Investing in a professional translation service like YLT Translations may just have the biggest return of them all.

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