Why Successful People Prioritise Sleep

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Anyone can tell you that sleep is important for all living creatures. It aids in a myriad of ways from stress management down to blood pressure.

According to new research, uninterrupted sleep for short periods of time is much more beneficial than sleep which is constantly disrupted throughout the night.

They also reported that those who had interrupted sleep suffered from moodiness and had lower energy levels as well as being more irritable.

Contrary to popular belief, optimal sleep time isn’t just 10PM to 11PM for adults, but “normal hours” are overrated. Some people are naturally night owls due to the differences in our circadian rhythms. What this means is that some people are early risers and other people might find it hard to wake up in the morning but find that they are most productive at night due to their longer cycles.

Therefore, it’s okay to have a late bedtime, as long as you have uninterrupted sleep and one of the best ways of achieving uninterrupted sleep is to make your bedroom a comfortable and sleep-inducing environment.

The mattress that you sleep on is extremely important. Memory foam, while comfortable, is extremely heat-conducive and will trap your body heat, which in turn wakes you up however momentarily so you may find a more comfortable spot.

You won’t have that same problem with Nolah Mattresses. Their patented designs and technology will keep you at a comfortable temperature all night long, which means no disruption to your sleep.

Aside from temperature control, or as they call it “100% temperature natural”, it also offers superior joint support. While you might think that support isn’t important when you sleep because it does nothing to the quality of your sleep, that’s where you’re wrong.

Sleeping on a surface that isn’t made for your aching joints or back can lead to sleep deprivation because you can’t find a comfortable spot that allows your body to relax into a state of deep sleep.

Furthermore, people who have slept on Nolah Mattresses have noted that their chronic pain has miraculously disappeared. Waking up pain-free is one way to alleviate your mood and increase productivity, which is the whole point of good quality sleep.

There are some rumors about people who only need 3-4 hours of sleep every night, which allows them to do more as they are awake for longer. However, do not let this myth mislead you because studies show that while you are able to survive on little sleep, it isn’t that you no longer have the need to sleep, but rather that your body has acclimatized itself to the constant state of sleep deprivation, and you’re basically running on fumes.

This translates to the fact that you will be able to be even more productive once you allow your body to catch up on sleep.

To understand or find out whether you’re sleep deprived, take a metal spoon, tray, and a clock to bed with you. Put the tray on the floor, and hold the spoon over it. Check the time before you close your eyes and if you fall asleep within 5 minutes (you’ll be woken by the sound of the metal spoon hitting the tray), you’re severely sleep deprived.

If you fall asleep within 10 minutes, you need more sleep than you are currently getting. If you don’t fall asleep till after 15 minutes, your body is getting enough sleep. This test only works in the afternoon when you’re supposed to be at your least sleepy.

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