Why we Cannot Leave Electric Scooter?

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I still remember the first time I passed by the door of an electric scooters stop in Washington, I was deeply attracted by its well-designed storefront, which displayed a variety of electric scooters, and you can also DIY patterns and styles, design a unique electric scooter of your own.

Later, when I was in college, I bought an electric scooter, and now I can’t forget the excitement in my heart. Because the distance from home to school was about 20 minutes by car at that time, but because there were few shuttle buses, as long as I missed that point in time, I had to wait 30 minutes to get on and off the bus. And the school car parking fee is more expensive, so I decided to buy an electric scooter at that time.

I still remember that my first electric scooter was not very fast, and it needed to be borrowed from the foot, it is not a foldable electric scooter for adults, so there was no way to bring it to the classroom. Sometimes I put it in front of the school. It will be blown down on a windy day. When riding on a rainy day, you will also encounter instability; the front of the car will sway and almost fall down several times.

The load-bearing capacity of my electric scooter at the time was relatively weak, and I could only bear the weight of myself. Sometimes it was impossible to buy something to hang on the faucet after class. When I first bought it, I remember that when I showed it to my friends, a fat friend stood up. It was obvious that the deck was bent because of the excessive weight. Now that I think about it, I still find it funny.

After I go to work, I still ride an electric scooter to work because I really don’t want to waste time waiting for buses and trains, nor do I want to waste money to pay for parking, and Washington’s morning and evening peaks are really congested. 20 A minute’s journey may take an hour. At this time, I have already been drinking and watching football with my friends in the bar.

But after work, I chose to buy Varla’s Eagle One. At that time, I went to the physical store to see the electric scooter, but the price was too high and exceeded my budget. I want to buy a cost-effective electric scooter that can be used for riding to work and off-road. Later, because I didn’t meet a suitable one in the store, I checked online and chose Varla after the comparison.

First of all, its design fits my aesthetics. I think it’s very simple and cool. Varla has two electric scooters in total, and the reason I chose Eagle One is because of its faster speed, which can reach 40MPH. You know that an ordinary electric scooter can only reach half of it. When I ride it, I feel like a bird that can fly.

This feeling of freedom is really great, and it gives me unprecedented excitement—a sense of experience. I once took it to the beach to play. When riding it on the road by the sea, I can feel the cool sensation of the seaside wind on my face and body, and I can relax my body and mind.

Its uphill speed also gave me a big surprise. The 30-degree slope is no problem for it. Riding it on a rainy day, you don’t have to worry about instability, and the handle won’t shake. It’s very stable when going up. Because I live in a place where there are a lot of uphills and downhills, I needed to go down when I encountered uphills before. Now with Eagle One, I don’t have to work hard at all. It can challenge all slopes.

If it has only these advantages, it is not enough to make me fall in love with it. Because I live in an apartment and there is no private underground garage, I used to charge my electric scooter in the underground garage, but now there is no way. But fortunately, the current electric scooter is foldable.

Every time I fold it before going to the elevator, carry it upstairs, and then put it in the storage room for charging. Once the elevator in my apartment building was repaired, I took it to the fifth floor with my hand. It was completely effortless because it weighs only 77 Ibs. It is easy for an adult man like me to carry two upstairs. I was really surprised at the time, and I was really amazed by it.

Overall, I am very grateful for meeting the Varla brand and buying an Eagle One that I like very much. It is an electric scooter I have always wanted to buy. It not only facilitates my life but also brings fun to my life. Now I need to ride it every day, and I cannot do without it.

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