“Women Empowering Women,” An Influential Move by Women Enabled Enterprises to Assist Women Disruptors

How often have we come across times when the conventional norms have shadowed the powerful ideas of women entrepreneurs? We know, it’s something that women entrepreneurs and professionals can often relate to. However, on the brighter side, we have also known women who have been breaking the barriers in today’s world and have shown some persuasive entrepreneurial skills.

While there are numerous women out there with the same dreams, the only easy way to empower them is to simply provide them with the ideal resources and efficient space for learning.

For Mpho Hansjee, the plan was somewhat similar. She introduced a platform for empowering and directing women entrepreneurs towards business growth. The CEO & Founder of Women Enabled Enterprises, Mpho’s organisation serves as a platform to enable women entrepreneurs to shine in the ecosystem with their trailblazing ideas.

The South African, California based entrepreneur has been leveraging her ten years of expertise in E-commerce analytics, Sales and Nonprofits to build a substantial and dynamic learning space for women. While her programs majorly focus on supporting low income, high potential women to start or grow a small business, her aim is to honour women with dreams and goals.

The organisation identified that for numerous women, it’s not easy to seek the expected expert training. Thus, filling these gaps, the programs

Digging a little deeper, focus on delivering access to the business tools for practical learning. This further includes insights about troubleshooting the challenges specific to their enterprises, building expertise in problem-solving and leveraging the acumens that could build a successful business. What makes these resources unique is the liberal access to resources for alumni.

Women think, ideate, network and grow differently today. While the 12-week training is built to ring the bells of ambitious women, they focus on addressing the whole women, including the emotional and professional challenges faced by South African women. With different approaches to accelerate success and growth, the workshops have modelled the steps using topics like Idea formulation, Readiness, Market Analysis, Operational Skills and Financial Planning.

The founder, Hansjee says, “Women are taking risks, are following their instincts and are ceaselessly finding passion in their ideas. I was urged by my passion too, something that could create a worthy and meaningful platform for the women of the entrepreneurial world. Our goal is simple, to deliver various impactful coachings and resources that could create a new wave of strong female entrepreneurs every day.”

Well, there’s nothing more satisfying and life-affirming than seeing deserving women achieving their dreams. Female entrepreneurs are and will continue to make a difference and it’s the organisations like Women Enabled Enterprises who have been making it easier for them.

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