WORKFORIT Apparel: The New Blue Collar Clothing Brand

Ryan Fusco is an entrepreneur, the founder of WORKFORIT Apparel, and DMAXRYNO on YouTube. His brand is putting pride back into blue collar work by creating a clothing company that supports the career choices of trades and manual labor. The creation of WORKFORIT was an easy one for Ryan; he knew exactly what he wanted to create and went for it. “You don’t need millions of dollars to get an idea off the ground, just a good budget and reinvestment until profit comes.”

Ryan started WORKFORIT Apparel with $250 and consistently reinvested. The company is paying for all growth without any loans or having to pull from other sources of income. “Stay as small as you can overhead-wise for as long as you can so that when it’s time to grow, you have the finances to do so,” he says. He says that he has been doing this for awhile and there are always going to be challenges throughout.

“Handing over control to employees is one of my biggest challenges. I’m a perfectionist, whether it’s the way a hat sits in a box or how straight the tape or label is, or whatever. The reason we do all of our own fulfillment instead of outsourcing is because I want to make sure our customers get the absolute best in terms of quality and service,” he says.

He or one of his employees are the last person to touch and inspect an item when it is boxed up rather than an employee of an unrelated company. “We put our heart and soul into each order. Finding employees that share that passion is hard. We’ve also struggled to find manufactures willing to make certain products that we once made in house.”

Ryan and his team’s goal is to not only be one of the top brands in “blue collar” apparel, but any and every faction of life that requires you to work for your results. They’ve been working on a line of gym apparel, and will be moving into trade specific workwear as well soon.

They sell apparel ranging from hats, t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, sweatshirts as well as accessories such as lanyards, key tags. Their number one sellers are their decals. “Those always go really quick once we restock,” he says.

When Ryan started WORKFORIT apparel, it was an attempt to restore pride in blue collar work as well as promote it to the next generation as not only a great career path to get into, but one that allows for unlimited growth potential. His YouTube channel is one of his favorite sources of spreading blue collar work appreciation and insight.

“I started a YouTube channel to share my life, career and successes with the world. It’s currently at 342k subscribers. I constantly get messages from people who are either in high school and my videos helped them decide a blue collar career path was for them despite pressure from others, or those who quit their jobs to chase their passion of working with their hands. It’s extremely touching,” Ryan says smiling.

From the beginning of his journey he had about forty-four orders the year WORKFORIT first launched. Now, they are projected to ship out 17,400 orders this year. “We are ranked in the top 2% of online stores that were launched the same time ours was,” he stated.

Ryan Fusco made his dreams a reality, and wants anyone to know that blue collar work is still a great option for those that like working with their hands or don’t feel like college is right for them. Here, at WORKFORIT, your work is valued; take pride in what you do. Order your WORKFORIT apparel and accessories today!

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