World’s Only 100% Pre-Digested Raw Whey Protein

AllTwenty is the world’s only 100% pre-digested raw whey protein completely broken down, allowing amino acids to immediately infuse the body when taken, replenishing the amino acid pool and boosting immunity. Gone are the days of bloating or side effects as this protein is pre-digested and co-founder Richard Perkes puts it, “mouth to muscles in minutes.”
Richard says, “We all need to optimize our protein levels – not just if you work out. Protein is essential everyone but especially for those going through menopause, undergoing IVF and people over 60 to slow down muscle mass wastage and bone density reduction – not to mention skin, hair and nails.”
The brand’s name comes from the concept that the product contains all 20 available amino acids in the body. With less than 1% sugar and less than 1% fat, AllTwenty comes in sachet format with 10g single portions and 30 sachets per box with natural and mango flavours available. for more information.

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