Xverse Secures $5 Million in Seed Funding


As we’ve frequently discussed in our previous coverage on Ordinals, the pace of innovation in this domain has been nothing short of alarming. It was only 6 months ago where traders were buying and selling in OTC deals in Discord servers, with nothing but Google spreadsheets acting as the only marketplace in town, and no wallet to actively trade with.

Among the key players contributing to the strides in innovation since then is Xverse, an emerging start-up hailing from Hong Kong. Xverse, for the uninitiated, has developed a cutting-edge Bitcoin wallet that is poised to redefine the trajectory of the ongoing Bitcoin renaissance.

Early on Friday, Xverse announced the successful closure of a $5 million seed funding round, with blockchain investment firm Jump Crypto at the helm. This funding is not just huge news for Xverse, but reflects the growing interest from deep-pocketed investors who are keenly captivated by the Ordinals movement.

Who Are Xverse?

To get specific, Xverse has played a significant role in the realm of Ordinals-supported software, being one of the pioneers to introduce a browser-based wallet with Ordinals support.

Among the other options early on were Sparrow Wallet– which unfortunately turned out to be quite technically demanding for many beginners trying to step into this arena. Xverse, along with a few other competitors who emerged during that period, played a crucial part in helping newcomers get the hang of things with their much more user friendly product.

Most recently, Xverse made headlines by introducing Ledger support to their wallet. This was something that many collectors had been eagerly awaiting, especially those who had been storing 5 or 6 figure sums worth of digital artifacts in hot wallets!

xverse and ledger logos on purple background

Accelerating Xverse’s vision

Xverse’s prowess in this realm is well established already, but this cash boost of financial support is set to drive Xverse’s transformation from a “simple” Bitcoin wallet into a game-changing force within the world of Web3. Essentially, Xverse is all set to preserve their advantage over competitors, which ultimately bodes well for us—the users. We’ll get to reap the benefits of this financial boost through their future endeavors, and it’s also a little nudge for the others who are playing catch-up in this space.

Moreover, the individuals and entities that are part of this fundraising effort underscore Xverse’s strength, not just in financial terms, but also culturally. With influential figures like Udi Wertheimer, 9gagceo, Pio, and businessman.eth on board, it’s clear that there’s more at play than just financial backing.

Final Thoughts

Xverse’s quest to become the “MetaMask of the Bitcoin ecosystem” is in full swing. While there are other players in the game, it’s pretty clear that Xverse is leading the pack right now. Their partnerships with big players like OKX and Magic Eden show they’re bridging the gap between the niche user who is deep in the Ordinals rabbit hole, and the curious jpeg enjoyer who is deterred by some of the more unfamiliar aspects of navigating the Ordinals protocol.

Xverse’s journey is more than just about making a wallet and resting on those laurels. It’s about shaking up what Bitcoin can do and tapping into its hidden potential. Rather fittingly, that’s exactly what Ordinals have always been about.

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