Yash Gupta: A Sharp Creative Young Mind who’s an Inspiration to Aspiring Entrepreneur

It is rightly said that ‘age is just a number’. There is no right age to when you start dreaming and working on them. People become successful at the age of 50 or even 15. In today’s time, the vast options of jobs and opportunities and the internet have made everyone confident that they too can do big things. One such young mind that has created a name for himself in the entrepreneurs’ world is Yash Gupta.

Yash Gupta is a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) from Amity International Business School in Noida. At this young age, Yash has shown everyone that with true determination and a creative mind, one can reach their goals. At this young age, he is the CEO of Tambhveda and Director of Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited .It is a Brass and Copper manufacturing company that specialises in copper bottles with beautiful designs. Further Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited deals in Copper & Brass strips, sheets, foils, ingots, billets, wires and cables. Yash is aiming to expand his current business and aims to ventures into different sectors in the coming time.

Apart from managing Tambhveda, Yash also helps his father in the family business. He helps his father with ideas, strategies and planning that can help in the growth of the business. His father is quite impressed with his sharp and intuitive mind at this young age. He knows that his son has the potential to become a great businessman one day.

Academically talking, even in his college Yash Gupta is one of the best students. He has organised many fests and events. The last workshop Yash was a part of is the International Conference on Agriculture and Food Science.

Being a student and handling business requires the right balance. Yash Gupta has shared how he manages to excel in both. He says that he makes a plan about how to dedicate an equal amount of time to both. He says that one should not mix their studies and business together as it may create confusion. Yash says that he is able to do so much at this young age is because he believed in himself. He wants others from his generation to have the same belief power and make their dreams come true.

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