Yash Shukla Brings a Positive Change in the Society

Our society is something that should always be the main focus of people, although they cannot earn profits or a proper revenue from helping out people, this always should be the common norm among everyone since it is not a topic of compromise.

The true nature of every individual came into view when the coronavirus pandemic hit everyone hard, it was extremely difficult for people to cope up with since not everyone is wealthy enough.

The shortage of food has been a major issue at all times, with the literacy rate and the employment rate of India, it was one of those countries that was majorly hit by the pandemic. There were people left and right who were falling sick an falling prey to the deadly coronavirus disease, but even in these times of crisis one must keep in mind that there is somebody who will always be looking out for them, and for the people of Indore it was Yash Shukla.

Yash Shukla has made it to the headlines for his great deeds and social work among all sections of the society. Him along with his very efficient team Baneshwari Yuva Parishad have provided with more than necessary. In fact, Yash Shukla did not want to be solely responsible for such a positive change, he wanted to take along his team without which he would not have been able to help out so many people in such a short period of time.

They began with one aim and motive in the past, that is last year April, and that was to provide for not just food packets to the poor but also food rations so that they can go on for months even if our country decided to be in a period of lockdown for several simultaneous seasons.

Since he comes from a family where politics has been pretty common, people expect him to serve the people and he stands firm in his position as a peoples person. He always thinks that, if he is not able to provide them with financial as well as social help, who else is going to take up this activity voluntarily? Although there have been several rich people who are coming up to help others out, there are not enough of them to provide for all. Back in the days even his father Ravi Shankar Shukla was a great politician, and well known for his positive good deeds.

Yash Shukla continues to help out several others, although the impact of the virus had decreased people were starting to think that they can finally go back to their actual life, the 2nd wave hit us hard and now he is back again on the streets, standing by all the people who need him.

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