Yash Tuteja – A Socialpreneur On An Endeavor To Public Welfare

Yash Tuteja

He is a Managing Director at the famed Meenakshi Salon and Academy, director at the all-inclusive Tuteja Academy, and president of NGO AASHAYEIN. Yash Tuteja is an entrepreneur by profession and socialpreneur by passion. What began at an early age as a willingness to help the poor developed to cover many milestones as Mr. Tuteja grew and became successful.

Journey of a socialpreneur

Like every birthday, he was enjoying the celebration of his special day with his friends. His house was full of cake, decorations, and delicious food. He lacked nothing. But what took his attention was the lack of everything for the underprivileged people who lived near his house. He realized that they could never celebrate a birthday like his.

It started small like every great revolution. From that day, Mr. Tuteja decided to celebrate his birthday with all those underprivileged people who could not celebrate theirs. He and his friends collected their pocket money and set out to bring a smile to the faces of the people.

The smiles that graced them that day paced their journey to establish AASHAYEIN. Yash Tuteja and his friends work persistently to reach out for the welfare of poor people and create health awareness.

In the lockdown, when the lives of many daily wage earners took a turn for the worse, Aashayein lent a helping hand to thousands of people in Chhattisgarh. The organization has distributed food packets and groceries to the needy. It has helped the daily wage earners, like barbers, to resume their work safely by providing them PPE kits for free.

The NGO still continuously strives to expand and assist a large number of people who require support.

A flair for the business

Meenakshi salon was the passion of Yash Tuteja’s mother. Mr. Tueteja grew what started as a one-room salon into a whole chain of modern-day MEENAKSHI’S SALON & ACADEMY.

He started helping his mother’s business at the age of 17. He was responsible for the technical modernization and advancement of the salon. His natural inclination towards business and tactical thinking paced his path to become a successful entrepreneur. Now, the salon and academy are a known name in Chhattisgarh.

Helping the dreamers to achieve their goals

The Tuteja academy, which runs under the directorship of Yash Tuteja, guides numerous civil service aspirants to prepare for the competitive exams. The success of the academy has expanded it into its two branches in Bilaspur and Raipur.

The all-rounder academy is among the best of Chhattisgarh to earn the educational training for UPSC and CGPSC
After achieving much success and fame, Yash Tuteja never slowed down to give back to society in the best way possible. He is an inspiration for compassion and success.

You can connect with Yash Tuteja on Instagram – yashtuteja1

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