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It’s the end of the year and most crypto prices are near the lowest they’ve been in 2022. Though these prices are low, an avid investor’s spending money may be suffering in tandem. Setting aside the fact that the rate of inflation is still high, and the cost-of-living in the United States is going up at a record rate, there’s one more pressing matter- the holidays are upon us! While someone is out spending their surplus money on gifts for loved ones, they may not be aware they could be providing gifts to their crypto portfolio as well… for free!

Coinbase Learn

Almost every crypto investor is familiar with Coinbase. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange tends to be the gateway for many investors to dabble into crypto thanks to how beginner-friendly it is to set up an account. Coinbase extends their help for a budding crypto enthusiast with their Coinbase Learn program.

Coinbase Learn has an extensive catalog of information that can develop a user’s crypto knowledge up to par with some of the more seasoned investors. The juiciest benefit, however, is the learning rewards. Coinbase features some crash courses on featured cryptocurrencies that will reward you in their respective coins- assuming you pass the quiz. These courses are not permanently posted and they can cycle, so if you want free crypto it may be best to knock these out sooner rather than later.

Brave Rewards

Google Chrome has a global market share of around 63% when it comes to internet browsing activity. With so many using it as their browser of choice, users may not be so willing to switch to something else. If they could get paid for switching and still use Chrome, however, they may be a little more receptive to change.

Enter Brave, a browser that is built on Google’s Chromium project that has all of the same features as Chrome, plus an additional benefit- free crypto. Brave Rewards is an optional program built into the browser that will pay you in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for opening advertisements that are prompted in notifications. Desktop and mobile versions of the browser have this feature. Users that use the Gemini crypto exchange can even link their Brave account and have their BAT deposited automatically. BAT’s all-time high price reached $1.66 at one point, so clicking on a few notifications can start to really add up.

CoinMarketCap Earn

Similar to Coinbase Learn, CoinMarketCap has their own program that will pay investors in free crypto. CoinMarketCap Earn hosts an assortment of courses that will educate users on featured cryptocurrencies and pay them in those coins by passing the program. Currently, the amount of courses being offered far exceeds what is being presented by Coinbase, so you can keep your wallet of choice well fed at the same time as your brain.

Coin Hunt World

Any investor who is familiar with Niantic’s Pokémon Go will feel right at home playing its spiritual sibling, Coin Hunt World. Created in part by Bill Shihara, the co-founder of crypto exchange Bittrex, Coin Hunt World is an app-based game in which players walk to real-world locations marked on their map and answer quiz questions to receive free crypto. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the prizes being offered and every correct answer presents you with a reward. Before a player realizes it, their wallet balance has increased at the same time as their step count.

Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets are one of the oldest avenues for obtaining free crypto. These websites offer small amounts of crypto in exchange for performing minor tasks. Tasks can range from performing captcha checks to filling out surveys. It is difficult to recommend a particular site at any given time since the options available seem to vary constantly, but it can pay to be vigilant- back in 2010, there was a faucet giving away 5 BTC a day for simply completing a captcha.

Free Thinking

Overall, a lot of the avenues for obtaining free crypto may not be considered the most exciting forms of crypto trading. When an investor is strapped for cash, however, there may be no better way to keep a foot in the space. With some options, such as Coinbase Learn and CoinMarketCap Earn, offering education at the same time, a trader may even end up with greater smarts at the same time as their greater portfolio.

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