Yoson Tala Has Been Proving Doubters Wrong Since Day 1

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Yoson Tala

Gary, Indiana is not a place normally known for producing hip hop artists. The state of Indiana sits within the “fly over” zone of the United States. Bigger Midwest cities nearby like Chicago, and Detroit usually get all the praise and attention because of their proven track records to produce talent.

Originally from Gary, Indiana, Yoson Tala knows first-hand what it’s like to make a come up out of the Midwest. Tala made his debut to all streaming platforms back in 2011, and has been consistently releasing new music ever since.

The creative was inspired early on by his brother, being a hip hop artist as well, the two built their relationship on music. Tala’s older brother taught him the basics of music, and even put him on game in a business aspect as well. Tala’s brother served as a mentor early on, helping push his brothers career to new heights.

Coming from the Midwest, Yoson Tala’s sound brings authenticity through music go life. He wants his music to reach listeners, letting them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. “When people listen to my music I want them also to be inspired and enlightened and know that you can make it out of the struggle and there’s always light in the dark,” said Tala.

Yoson Tala has been active in early 2021, releasing 3 new singles back to back to back. His latest single “Count Me Out” dropped earlier this month and features some unique aspects. The song’s instrumental sets the mood right away as Tala comes in with introspective bars about proving people wrong.

While the artist is currently independent, he mentioned that he has been in open negotiation with some labels recently.

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