Young Entrepreneur Abdul Mukeed is an Epitome of Success and Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Abdul Mukeed, an entrepreneur from Lucknow is an apt example of ‘Try and try till you succeed’. From the very young age of 14, Abdul had the willingness to start something of his own. With every passing year, he worked vigorously and ventured into different fields to create a life for himself that he always dreamt of. Today, the 19-year-old is successful as runs his podcast, is an expert in marketing with a successful agency and he is also the owner of several businesses.

Abdul’s will to achieve great things paid off well as his companies crossed the annual turnovers of 15 crores and that makes him one of the youngest millionaires in India. About witnessing such humongous progress only at 19, Abdul Mukeed says, “I never wanted to do 9-5 job. So, I knew that I have to work hard to be my boss and have financial security. I never depended on anyone to reach my goals. If there’s anything I didn’t know, I would learn about it on the internet. Today, I can proudly say that being self-reliant and passionate helped me make my dreams come true.”

It was at the very young age of 14, Abdul Mukeed started his first business. It was an online shoe selling business called ‘AM Shoes’. His innocent mind started that business so that he could some earn money as he loved sneakers. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a massive failure. But that didn’t affect Abdul’s spirit at all. By the age of 15, Abdul got introduced to E-Commerce and how advantageous it is to run a business. He learned about E-Commerce and decided to start an e-commerce store called ‘Dogs Jewel’. At Dogs Jewel, he would sell pet inspired jewellery. It was such a distinguishing business that in no time, it flourished and helped him earn at least 15 lakhs in just 15 days.

When his second business gave him a thriving result, he became a popular name in the city. He was invited to an event and asked to talk about Dogs Jewel and his life. But after some highs, he also witnessed a low in the second venture. Abdul says, “A lot of influencers in Lucknow got excited and I raised my first angel funding. But down the line, the business failed as I was not able to scale it and beat the competition.”

Yet again, Abdul Mukeed didn’t give up. One characteristic that makes Abdul victorious today is his curiosity to learn new things. Hence, when he found out about the marketing industry and its rapid growth, he updated himself with its knowledge. In no time, he started his Marketing agency called ‘AM Media Group’. His agency turned out to be a hit and it is successfully handling clients from cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow.

The only person who can be credited to Abdul Mukeed’s triumph is he himself. He never took any money from his parents to start any venture. He always believed in himself and his dreams and that gave him the courage to walk the path of his every new journey; no matter how tough it would get at times. Well, it’s the same belief that helped Abdul achieve another feat as the CEO and leader of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and TYE (The Young Entrepreneurs) Event. Abdul shares, “My team won the Lucknow Chapter and represented India in the Global finals. I even won an award for the Best Lean Canvas Business Model.”

Abdul Mukeed’s entrepreneurial journey is truly a story of motivation. He has seen failures and success in life and many ambitious entrepreneurs look up to him. To cheer such young minds, Abdul is also the host of The BIZ School where he teaches entrepreneurship. He tells the students about his experiences and the lessons he learned in life. He also runs his podcast called ‘The BIZ School’. A lot of people also connect with Abdul on his social media, especially on Instagram –

Just that the age of 19, Abdul Mukeed also runs two more businesses apart from his marketing agency. He is also the owner of Cutesy & Minis, where one can buy a variety of scrunchies and hair clips. His other business is The Fan Shop where he helps talented creators to meet their supporters.

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