Young Instagram Success Story Cole Morgan Shares How to Make Money on Instagram

Social media has opened up new ways to make money online. Instagram has been especially helpful in doing so. With over a billion people on this platform that prides itself in providing plenty of visual appeal, influencers and brands have used it as their launching pad for increasing their businesses and making money. In fact, around 78% of all influencers use Instagram as their primary social media platform.

Cole Morgan is a 20-year-old Instagram success story that knows a thing or two about how to turn fun viral meme pages on Instagram into major moneymakers. Running close to 10 Instagram pages, Morgan has figured out how to generate both active and passive income using nothing more than his smartphone.

How to Make Money on Instagram

If you having been trying to figure out how to make money on Instagram but just can’t seem to gain any traction, try applying the following strategies to your Instagram hustle.

Land Paid Promotions

Brands know the power of influencer marketing and are ready to pay the big bucks for Instagram pages with large audiences to promote their products. Even if you are a “nanoinfluencer” with a few thousand followers, you can begin to make money with paid promotions. You will have to manage a well-established page with a highly-engaged audience. When you do, you can post about your favorite products and brands, which you will get paid for promoting. If your audience trusts you, there’s a lot of money to be made here.

Become a Brand Affiliate

Affiliate marketing has existed since before social media giants like Instagram came onto the scene. However, affiliate marketing has exploded thanks to platforms like Instagram. When you are a brand affiliate, you earn commissions from products you promote on your successful Instagram page. Whenever someone clicks on the unique affiliate link in your bio, and buys the product on the website it leads to, you get a commission. When you do this right and sell a lot of products for a brand, you can make an incredible amount of money.

Sell Products Directly

You can also sell your own products directly to your audience. This can literally be any kind of product, as long as it’s not violating the Instagram Terms & Conditions. Whether it’s clothes or jewelry, or even services like coaching, you can potentially make even more money than by just being an affiliate or someone who does paid promotions.

Morgan recommends doing a combination of all three. That way, you’re not leaving any money on the table. You can do paid shoutouts, promote great products from other brands, and sell your own products or services.

No matter who you are, you can make money on Instagram. It’s levelled the playing field in a way that few other things have been able to do. With a little bit of patience, hard work, and dedication, you can achieve the same level of success that Morgan has.

If you need some help making money on Instagram, you can link up with Morgan through his personal Instagram page.

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