Young Rapper and Entrepreneur Bruh Bruh Turned Down 2 Labels and Started His Own

Today, getting started in the music industry is easier than ever before. As a rapper, Bruh Bruh has seen opportunities open up today that used to not be there before the explosion of the internet and social media. Thanks to modern advances and cultural shifts, music artists are no longer beholden to restrictive and unfair record label contracts. If you want, you can start up your own music label very easily. That is exactly what young rapper and entrepreneur Bruh Bruh did after turning down two label deals recently.

The “Pandemic” rapper has been rapping since he was just 12 years old. Back then, he was recording his songs onto old cassette tapes, which his older brother discovered and thought were pure gold. After getting him a recording studio, Bruh Bruh was able to professionally record his songs and amass an inventory of around 100 unreleased tracks.

The inspiration flows easily from Bruh Bruh, and as someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, he has taken control of his music career. Instead of working for a music label and seeing a large share of profits get siphoned away to someone else, he decided to establish EAGAL STATUS as his own label.

While he has his own music label, Bruh Bruh is still considering signing a distribution label deal through Gazi Shami at Empire, a company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

As someone who has 100 unreleased songs, along with 20 visual features, Bruh Bruh is planning on working non-stop throughout 2021. He has already hit the ground running right from the very start of 2021, with the releases of his six-track EP called End of December on January 1st.

He has also already released the songs Pandemic, High Speed, Don’t Understand Me ft. Trapboy Freddy, and Who Could I Lean On. Some of the closest upcoming songs Bruh Bruh will be releasing include Quarantine in Houston featuring Lil Durk, which will come out on February 7th, 2021, along with We Swervin with Fredo Bang, which will be released sometime in March or April.

Bruh Bruh is always looking for a way to work with local artists in the Bay Area. That’s why he has joined forces with artists like Cash Click Boog from Richmond, CA. He also expands his horizons as well, working with names like Payroll Giovanni from the rap group DoughBoyz CashOut, based out of Detroit, MI.

Bruh Bruh has also worked with some bigger names as well. He’s collaborated with Zaytoven Beatz, who is the producer of Gucci Mane in Atlanta, GA. He has also worked with DrugRixh Peso, who is a rap artist hailing from Atlanta as well. Bruh Bruh is continually looking to expand his reach and influence, and 2021 is looking like it’s going to be his major breakout year.

You can follow Bruh Bruh on Instagram @900bruhbruh and on Twitter @900bruhbruh. For bookings, you can reach out to

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