Zeke Pike Rose from Adversity to Build an E-Commerce Powerhouse

For Zeke Pike, a once difficult road has shaped into a beautiful destination. That road started in Northern Kentucky, as an All-American quarterback and football star at Dixie Heights High School.  As he went on to college, this difficult road became darker. After being dismissed from Auburn and Louisville, Murray State became his last chance at redemption. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, Pike was stopped in his tracks, seemingly ending his professional football career. This was hard to swallow being he was often compared to Auburn star quarterback, Cam Newton.

Zeke Pike founded Number8 Ministries immersing himself in scripture. One day, moving along his newly found gift for public speaking amongst audiences that reminded Zeke of his younger self, he got an unexpected call. It was the Indianapolis Colts calling to give him a try-out for Tight End. He put in everything he had and soon was invited to the Colts Rookie Camp. Sadly, this dream was cut short yet again, when Indianapolis decided it was no longer the right fit. 

Finding His Passion in Amazon

Although he felt grateful and lucky to have had his experience with the Colts, Pike became lost and searching for another purpose in life. Now living under the hot Florida sun in Boca Raton, Pike was inspired and invigorated by all the energy around him in the bustling city of Miami. Zeke saw all the other young business owners out there and knew that he too could make a name for himself, and fast. So, he started selling on Amazon. He learned fast and was consistently building upon his own knowledge to make his stores better. Within just a year, Zeke’s stores were drawing 7-figure profits. 

The Birth of Ez Ecomm

It was this start that gave him the idea for his next business, EZ Ecomm. He used his connections in the NFL and investors alike, in order to automate their income. Under this model, Zeke and his team manage all day-to-day operations of the stores, resulting in passive income for his clients, in exchange for 50% of the profits. In a matter of months, investor enrollment fees and total store sales drew EZ Ecomm to an 8-figure business. Zeke and his team have perfected the art of running large stores with ease and simplicity, and this simplicity and directness transfer over into his client relationships. Zeke knows that the client always comes first, and knows that this customer-first attitude is the fastest way to scale. 

Amazon is a Blue Ocean

As of June 30th, 2020 Amazon has seen a 40.23% growth in revenue year-over-year. You don’t want to miss out on the marketplace that allows sellers to become 6-7 figure business owners in 6-12 months. Market analysis is expecting 91% of the United States population to be shopping online by the year 2023. In the midst of a global pandemic leaving Americans to shop from their couch, Amazon is showing no signs of slowing down, and it is essential to capitalize on its growth. 

Zeke and EZ Ecomm have a low-risk business model for their investors and are here and available to run your Amazon account on autopilot while you stick to what you know best. If you’re interested in more information, visit his website, or contact him via Instagram.

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