Zevi G: The Amazing Artist of the Metaverse

The heart and soul is the main attraction that you can gather from an individual. When you create art you are not only creating something visually appealing, but you are leaving everything on the canvas. Stepping into the metaverse, your collection becomes everything that you bring to it as an owner and creator.

You are carrying out your identity and craft to the digital world and building an everlasting reflection of your inner self. Zevi G does this well with 456 Collectors Club, bringing his creativity and passion for art and sculpting into the metaverse and starting his own project. 456 Collector’s Club is an NFT collection apart of the 456 land which includes 4,560 3D Generative art that lives on the ethereum blockchain incentivising its owners to hold for rewards.

As Zevi G merged into the metaverse, one would ask why. In 2016, Zevi Created over 300 unique 3D art files while developing 456 Land. Some people thought he was crazy for creating so many files. To build each character could take over ten years in the real world.

The metaverse allows Zevi G to develop 456 land much faster, and instead of building each sculpture one by one, taking years, each character can become a unique piece of digital art. For example, 4,560 of the 456 Collectors Club NFT’s were ready in six months due to the metaverse and the new blockchain possibilities.

Zevi G created all of the characters for his 456 Land himself. After launching 456 Collectors Club during Miami Art Week in December 2022, Zevi began building a community in his discord https://discord.com/invite/456collectorsclub. Here is where Zevi G himself and his team stay in touch with the community, always engaging with collectors and newcomers in this space. Through the Discord you will receive the latest updates about the 456 Collector’s Club and what is happening in the 456 Land.

Collectors that are looking to join the 456 Collectors Club can do so by minting here https://www.456collectorsclub.com/. You will get your own random NFT with an instant reveal showcasing all your unique traits. Each of the 4,560 Collector’s Club NFT’s are unique and no two are the same. You can explore the many different options on the secondary market, however by minting, this allows you to take your chances at receiving one of the “rare ones” 1/1 NFT.

Loyalty is the biggest factor in building a community. Rewarding 456 Collector’s Club holders with a unique signed 16 x 16 inch prints of your owned 456 Collector’s Club as well as a 7×7 inch Namaste Sculpture in the corresponding color of your NFT, separates Zevi G from other collections.

Being a part of the 456 Collector’s Club you will receive these physical pieces of art all for just holding, whereas other collections may have you outsource yourself to receive a physical copy of your NFT. This is only the start of what’s to come with the 456 Land, Zevi G has many more plans to develop his brand in the metaverse.

Zevi G will be promoting exclusive VIP experience to holders, giveaways, and redeemable rewards for all that is a part of the 456 Collector’s Club. While staying active within the art community Zevi G has his art displayed in private exhibitions, at his NJ studio and social media channels http://instagram.com/zevigart.

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