10 Ways This 1 Word Will Change Your Business Forever

Ten letter words are everywhere. There are tons of ten letter words that impact your business: gatekeeper, mainstream, accelerate, peripheral, legitimate, acceptable, confidence, assessment, governance, commitment, competence, disqualify, exorbitant, facilitate, integrated, etc. There are words with fewer letters, more letters, words of less importance and more importance. There is a total of 171,476 words in the English language, says the Oxford English Dictionary. That doesn’t include all the slangs we use, either.

Nine letter words are just as frequent in our language. ‘Implement’ is one that is necessary if you ever want to see change. This specific word I am going to talk about, if implemented, can impact your life and your business in ways you probably never even thought of. This word is simple yet very impactful!

I’m sure you’re saying, “Just tell me already!” Okay, the ten-letter word that will change your business in ten ways is: excellence. Yes, excellence can radically change your business and ultimately your life, if you implement it in everything you do!

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Are you always late? Or are you always on time? If you’re always late, do you also procrastinate deadlines? Or do you get things done early? How you do one thing, is truly ultimately how you do everything. When you take the time and the energy to work with pure excellence, you will see a difference. These are ten ways you will see a change.

1. First impressions – First impressions are extremely important in business. Studies show that when it comes to first impressions, they rule over any facts someone finds out about you. If you do not take your appearance into account and practice excellence, it doesn’t matter how successful your business is, you may lose potential clients just from that. Take pride in your appearance.

2. Endless referrals – They say that the best marketing tool you can get is the customer you already have. We all know that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and the only way that you get powerful referrals is by providing top-notch service!

3. Customer service – “The customer comes first.” I am sure everyone has heard this at least once. If you have been a server, you have heard it weekly! If you take care of your customers with excellence, they won’t be as difficult to handle because they are already happy!

4. ‘Fine’ is a killer – Nothing in your life should be “fine”. The word “fine” is a business killer, if anything in your business is just “fine”, it is not living up to its potential of what it could be!

5. Extra mile – Excellence is taking it a step further than everyone else. When my wife and I first started our photography business, we would buy bottles of wine and send them to our couples on their one-year anniversary. Things like this that your clients do not expect from you really show excellence.

6. The devil’s in the details – Have you ever been to an establishment that wowed you? They had mints in the bathroom, lotion, cologne, hand towels, and mouthwash? Establishments and businesses that focus on the little details to give their customers are really using excellence to their advantage!

7. Under  promise & over deliver – Over delivering is the best way to keep your clients coming back again and again! Tell them they can expect their product in two weeks and get it to them in one week, they will send you endless referrals and will be a repeat client.

8. Better than perfect – We all have a little bit of that “perfectionist” syndrome. If you practice excellence, you never have to be perfect because you have built this trust with your clients that they believe you if you say you will fix something for them.

9. You get what you pay for – There is a difference between a steak at Chili’s and one at Fleming’s. Your customers won’t mind paying top dollar for your services if they know that what they are getting is worth the price. Excellence allows you to make more money in your business in that way as well.

10. True to your word – Ultimately, being true to your word is most important with business. In practicing excellence, staying true to your word will come naturally, as a part of your new brand.

Those are just ten obvious ways that practicing excellence in your business will enhance it. You have the potential to build an empire, if you only practice excellence.

Excellence is a simple idea that can radically change your business and your life. We expect nothing but excellence as consumers, so why do we not provide it as business owners? Look at your business from the eyes of a consumer. Is what you are providing something that you would want? Is how you are marketing something you would want to receive? As long as you practice excellence, the answer to those questions is a simple “yes”.

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