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Best Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the most sustainable ways to start a website without extra maintenance costs. This is because multiple sites are run using the same single server. Budget-friendly and economical, shared web hosting services allow multiple websites to share the same resources and features.

You can access these features all while being anonymous to other websites that are using that server. The features that you get access to will depend on your hosting package, which you can upgrade at any time.

Further, when you are hosting your website via a shared server, general maintenance and software upgrades fall in the domain of the host. As such, you can focus on the maintenance of your website including, managing traffic, documents, applications, and more.

Are you thinking about starting your own website with minimal investment? Then, we present to you the best-shared web hosting services in 2021 to get the ball rolling for you.

Here are the Top 15 Shared Web Hosting:


Bluehost - Best Shared Web Hosting

One of the most sought-after shared web hosting solutions, Bluehost currently powers more than 2 million websites worldwide. Built on a reliable and functional platform, Bluehost’s shared web hosting allows complete flexibility, speed, and security that it takes to create responsive websites.

All shared hosting plans from this provider come with domain manager, resource protection, scalability, and SSL certification. You can also upgrade your package for advanced shared hosting add-ons such as site lock, unique IPs, content delivery network, spam protection, and more.

Bluehost offers a range of affordable plans that are curated to align with every budget. These are – Basic at $2.95/month for a single website, Plus at $5.45/month for multiple websites, Choice Plus at $5.45/month for added security and privacy features, and Pro at 13.95/month for more options to optimize your sites. These prices are set for if you choose the 36-month term. You can also choose a 12-month or 24-month term; however, the per-month costs will differ for that.

InMotion Hosting


One of the best-shared web hosting platforms, InMotion Hosting is a secure hosting provider that helps your website grow with your expanding business. This hosting solution allows you to start small and scale up to meet the requirements of your growing business. Fast and reliable, this shared web hosting service comes banked with features for creating optimized, responsive websites. Some of these features include quick onboarding, flexible billing, data backup, professional-level design features, and many more.

Ideal for usage by small businesses, InMotion Hosting offers shared hosting that is 6X faster and comes with an industry-leading control panel. From here, you can buy hosting in a variety of plans namely, Launch at $ 5.99/month for hosting up to 1 website, Power at $5.99/month for increased power and flexibility to cater to increasing traffic and Pro at $14.99/month for maximum performance and speed for eCommerce sites.

All these plans come with a free domain and SSL and you can buy them at a 2-year, 1-year, or monthly term period.


Hostgator - Best Shared Web Hosting

Are you looking for easy and affordable ways to get your website on the Internet? Then, with HostGator’s shared web hosting solutions, you are all set. This provider offers shared hosting services that are flexible and scalable. It comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and a free domain for 1 year. Further, their hosting packages include free site transfers, unlimited storage, and an unmetered bandwidth to accommodate rapidly increasing traffic.

HostGator offers three hosting plans – Hatchling at $2.75/month, Baby at $3.50/month, and Business at $5.25/month. The Business plan gives you access to free SEO tools, free dedicated IP, and the option to upgrade to Positive SSL. At HostGator, they know just the requirements of an expanding business.

Therefore, they offer several upgrade options so that as your business grows, you can level up your website as well. Some of the upgrades include – added security, data safety, professional email and productivity tools, automated backups, SEO tools, and more.


Hostinger - Best Shared Web Hosting Providers

This is one of the most popular shared web hosting platforms that allows users to host small to medium websites on their platform. With incredible speed performance, this hosting solution comes loaded with features with which you can optimize your websites for maximum performance.

Whether you are a beginner, launching your personal website or creating a website to expand your business. Hostinger has plans that cater to every requirement. Affordable and reliable, shared web hosting from this provider is the ideal solution for easy website setup, scalability, and powerful optimization.

Hostinger offers three basic shared web hosting plans. These are – Single Shared Hosting at $1.39/month, Premium Shared Hosting at $2.59/month and Business Shared Hosting at $3.99/month.

The first plan includes hosting one website while with the other two, you can host up to 100 websites. All the plans come with an included SSL certificate, Cloudflare, WordPress acceleration, and more. Moreover, all these plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee so you can get a complete refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

Dream Host

Dream Host - Best Shared Web Hosting Providers

The success of your website, in the final analysis, depends on how your visitors find it, in terms of ease of use and responsiveness. At Dream Host, they ensure that your website is high-performing, reliable, and one, which is favored by search engines and your visitors alike.

Super easy to use, this provider offers much more than simply a hosting platform. For instance, their packages equip you with an extensive suite of website tools that are just what you need to succeed online.

Dream Host offers two basic shared web hosting plans which are – Shared Starter priced at $2.59/month and Shared Unlimited, priced at $3.95/month. Both these plans come with a free domain, unlimited traffic, pre-installed WordPress, automated WordPress migrations, WP website builder, free SSD storage, and SSL certificate among other features.

You can choose from 3-year, 1-year, or monthly plans. So, if you are looking to build a website and do not want to pull your purse strings much, then with Dream Host, you are covered.

A2 Hosting

In today’s age, if your website is fast and responsive, you have already won half the battle to succeed online. At A2 Hosting, they know precisely this and offer exclusive, 20X faster speed to make your websites high performing with rapid loading times. As such, with this provider, you get the promise of better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

Whether you are building a new website, or want to migrate an existing website to their server. A2 Hosting offers free and hassle-free site hosting and migration to help your personal brand or business succeed online fast.

Shared web hosting plans from this provider include – Startup at $1.99/month, Drive at $3.99/month, Turbo Boost at $5.99/month, and Turbo Max at $12.99/month. You can buy these plans on a term of 3 years, 1 year or a per month basis. The aforementioned prices are according to the 3-year term period. With each of these plans, you get access to unlimited email accounts, a website builder and control panel for customization, and other website controls.


Are you looking to get your business online with minimal investment? Then, with shared hosting plans from GoDaddy, you are at the right place. With best-in-class security and industry-leading loading times, this web hosting platform brings the power of blazing fast servers to power up your websites. Economical and easy to use, shared web hosting from GoDaddy comes with a 1-click installation of WordPress and over 150 apps. Further, with its functional, elaborate control panel, you can safely manage your data, backups, and security.

Shared web hosting plans from GoDaddy include Starter at $1.33/month, Economy at $2.68/month, Deluxe at $4.03/month, and Ultimate at $6.05/month. The Starter and Economy plans are designed for hosting one website whereas the other two include hosting for unlimited websites. All these plans are equipped for unmetered bandwidth and the latter additionally come with unlimited storage. For inarguably the best-shared web hosting experience for your website, GoDaddy is your ultimate solution.

Name Cheap

One of the best-shared web hosting platforms, Name Cheap is your ultimate destination to give your website the power of hosting. Whether you want to get your business online or create a personal brand. Name Cheap offers premium industry products to help you create websites that leave an impact on visitors.  With a free website builder, unmetered bandwidth, free automatic SSL installation, and free Supersonic CDN, this hosting platform helps you unleash your full potential on the Internet.

Name Cheap offers three basic shared hosting packages – Stellar at $1.18/month, Stellar Plus at $1.98/month, and Stellar Business at $4.80/month. You can get these plans on a monthly, yearly, or 2-year term. All the plans come with a WordPress and cPanel besides a personalized email service. With the latest technology, ease of development, and the hosting you can trust, Name Cheap brings true stability to your website.

Site Ground

Are you looking for fast and secure shared web hosting platforms to launch your website online? Then, Site Ground is your ultimate destination for building websites optimized for growth and performance. It comes with multiple web hosting essentials that make website management easy and functional. One of these includes the Google Cloud hosting platform, which makes the websites load with ultra-fast speed. Further, all their hosting packages include domain management and site-building tools, besides a reliable email service and free WordPress installation.

Shared web hosting packages from Site Ground include – Startup at $4.99/month, Grow Big at $7.99/month and Go Geek at $14.99/month. All these plans include unlimited traffic, daily backup, 100% renewable energy match. With the highest tier of resources and the option to add collaborators, these plans are literally what you need to make your website a success. Further, all packages from Site Ground are backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee.

WP Engine

Whether you are a small business, a creative agency, or an enterprise-grade brand that wants to maximize website performance. With WP Engine, you get the perfect shared web hosting platform to offer full spectrum hosting experiences on WordPress. It helps to boost performance, protect your business online, accelerate development, and access advanced customer support. Further, it comes with an industry-leading speed and the stability that you need to optimize your website to meet the demands of a growing business.

WP Engine offers several shared web hosting plans – Startup at $22/month, Professional at $44/month, Growth at $86/month, and Scale at $217/month. All plans come with 10 premium themes, free automated migrations, daily backups, and a one-click staging site. What makes WP Engine a sought-after choice is the high-end performance of websites on its server. This directly gets your business higher conversions and SEO-optimized websites that your visitors love to come back to.

Green Geeks

One of the best-shared web-hosting providers, Green Geeks specializes in offering faster, secure, and eco-friendly web hosting. Whether you are just launching your website or meeting the needs of an expanding one. This web hosting provider caters to every website size by providing better performance, unmetered transfer, and bandwidth besides daily backups and enhanced security. What makes Green Geeks unique is the hundreds of features that they offer as add-ons at a fixed monthly price.

This provider offers three shared web hosting plans which are – Lite at $2.49/month, Pro at $4.95/month, and Premium at $8.95/month. All these plans are powered by a 300% green energy match, managed WordPress, and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, when you buy shared web hosting from Green Geeks, you get access to a free domain name for one year. Bringing everything you need to power your websites under one package, this is one of the shared web hosting platforms that you can depend on.


Are you looking for reliable shared web hosting done like a pro? Then, with Ionos, you are at the right destination. No matter what is the size of your business or personal brand, with web hosting via Ionos, you can reach your audience with blazing fast speed and scalable performance management. This provider offers geo-redundant infrastructure meaning that your data is mirrored in two data centers. So, your website hosting stays uninterrupted even during maintenance.

Shared web hosting packages from Ionos include – Essential at $4/month, Business at $1/month, and Expert at $8/month. Along with these plans, you get access to a free domain for 1 year, a free Wildcard SSL certificate, and a free Professional email. All these packages are fully optimized and scalable. Therefore, you can meet individual demands on a server, such as traffic spikes, within seconds. Besides, when you buy a shared web hosting package from Ionos, you are also signing up for a state-of-the-art content delivery network that your business needs.


If you are looking for reliable platforms to host your business online, then Hostwinds is the ultimate shared web hosting provider. It offers an abundance of tools for easy website monitoring, full website performance management, and nightly backups. Further, whether you are a technical pro or not. Hostwinds offers a fully functional, clickable cPanel to help you optimize your website to suit the requirements of your business. It comes with the exclusive Softaculous auto-installer to provide easy one-click installation for hundreds of web applications, from WordPress to Joomla.

Hostwinds offers affordable shared web hosting packages that are designed to suit every budget. These are – Basic at $5.24/month, Advanced at $6.74/month, and Ultimate at $8.24/month. With unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, shared web hosting from Hostwinds offers useful tools such as Weebly Site Builder, solid-state drives, and much more. With solid uptime and all the server maintenance performed by Hostwinds, shared web hosting from this provider is an excellent choice for all types of websites.

Host Armada

One of the most sought-after shared web hosting platforms, Host Armada brings fast and secure web hosting just a few clicks away. With their fully managed cloud, SSD shared hosting, this provider takes shared web hosting to the next level. From automatic daily backups to tight website security and an easy-to-pilot service with cPanel. Host Armada brings an extensive suite of features and tools to make your website and your business a blazing success.

Host Armada offers three shared web hosting packages – Start Dock at $3.99/month, Web Warp at $4.69/month, and Speed Reaper at $5.66/month. With unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration or transfer, and free SSL certificates. This shared web hosting provider is all gain and no fuss with seamless website management. What sets Host Armada apart from other web hosting platforms is that they offer a lower number of clients per server. As such, you get more server speed and resources for your website at the same industry price.

Host Papa

HostPapa is literally the “dad” when it comes to website hosting. Designed to provide specialized web solutions for your small business, this shared web hosting provider helps to bring your business to life with email, business apps, enhanced security, and more. Their servers are built for speed and feature easy-to-use tools and apps that keep you fully in control of your websites. With over 400 apps ready to be installed in a few clicks, HostPapa offers the ultimate website experience for your customers.

Starting at just $3.95 per month, this shared website hosting platform is just the right choice to manage the mechanics of your online business. You can also upgrade to the Business Pro package priced at $12.95/month for added features such as 6X performance and speed, enhanced security, and the option to host unlimited websites. In addition, you get a professional-level website builder with advanced designs and templates. Also, the hosting packages include free website migrations and domain transfer.


Getting your website online now is as easy as cutting a piece of cake. At extremely affordable costs, you can host your website on shared servers with included access to resources and tools. You can always upgrade to dedicated servers as and when your business grows. So, do not let your fear of budget come in the way of starting your new venture online. Grab your shared web hosting package today for flexible, affordable, and optimized hosting options that will attract your customers.

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