15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Custom and Random)

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We all know how important Instagram has become in the present world of social media. People all around the world have been using this app to showcase their daily lives, businesses, or any other campaigns. Moreover, if you want people to recognize you, then this is the first place that you will have to check. In order to get a wider reach among your audience, having a place on this site becomes a must. It is always a good idea to buy Instagram comments. However, it might be possible that you do not know the best places for doing the same.

In that case, we think you should have a look at the best sites to buy Instagram comments as we have mentioned in this list.  Instagram is an app that has been running for an entire decade. Although various social media platforms have emerged, this app continues to remain at the top. Instagram is a site that is mostly based on great visual content. Therefore, for some people, it might not be easy to gain virtual recognition on this platform. No matter what, it is always a tricky affair to lure in the kind of people that you would like as your audience. Therefore, we have created this list which will help you get the recognition that you need online.

If you wait for your account to grow organically, then it might be months before results actually begin to show.  If you have a personal brand, or if you are an influencer then you must get all the help you need to expand your reach on Instagram. At the same time, there are many people who have just started their accounts. For such people, these Instagram services might be the best option. Let’s have a look one by one.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Verified Comments)


SocialPackages - buy instagram comments

SocialPackages is a service that gives you some of the most real and organic comments on Instagram within the nation. Not only will you be able to buy Instagram comments through this website, but also get other services like followers, and views. Moreover, the comments that they give will be spread across your various posts, so the growth will look very natural.

This site has figured out how you can grow your comments even if you have multiple accounts. Therefore, if you are looking for virtual approval from peers and other groups, then this site is a great option for you. They want to place your success first, therefore, they will place your needs before their objective of earning profit.

There are various places online where you will be able to see the testimonials as given by their happy customers. So far, there have been a few negative comments, but altogether, we think the site is mostly safe. They have easy methods of payment that are very secure and ensure that you are not ripped off in a scam.


ViewsExpert - buy instagram comments

ViewsExpert is an old site that has long been working with people who require online marketing. Thus they have immense experience and know-how to deal with different situations at different times. Further, they have a really fast system of delivery which means that you will get the different packages you have chosen at the right time.

There are some plans on the site which start for as little as 1 dollar. After you have placed the order, you will also be able to see the time within which things are going to be delivered. Therefore, you will have a great amount of control on your social growth from the first dat. This site is very cost-efficient and has packages and plans which can be used by people with varying budgets. Therefore, we highly recommend this place to anyone who’d like it.

We had a chance to go through the reviews and testimonials given by the users of this site. We were happy to find that there wasn’t any negative comment or a review that might have degraded the workings of this site. Another point is that like other sites on this list, they also give you organic growth which means you will never be banned from the platform.


GetViral - custom instagram comments

This site comes in second place in our list of best sites to buy Instagram comments. Here you will be able to buy Instagram followers, likes and a lot more. If you’re looking for holistic growth, then it really doesn’t get any better. This site will give you access to an organic audience that will be able to see your account and provide it with numerous comments. Soon your top posts will be recognized by the whole world.

You will be able to get unmatched exposure on Reddit when you are using this site. It doesn’t matter what your needs are for the product or the brand, the company will make sure to give you all that you need. Once you take the help of this site you will be able to create a reputable and strong account with cost-efficient methods.  They will make sure that you get an incredible fan base within a good period of time.

Again, the costs which you have to pay are minimal, and we are sure that even if you want to buy a large number of comments your budget won’t be exhausted. As people who provide Instagram comments, and likes, they also make sure that they are available at all times. The best part about them is that they have an efficient vetting out process which will allow them to cancel out any artificial engagement you might get on Instagram.


Viralyft - Buy random instagram comments

Viralyft is an Instagram promotion service that makes sure that they are available for you all the time. In case you have been searching for some cheap options that can promote your Instagram, then we don’t think there could be a better option. This place is the one-stop solution for all your requirements on Instagram. If you are facing any problems reaching out to a larger audience online, then they will sort it out for you.

Their services are very authentic, and they have acquired an amazing customer base to date. You can rest assured that there will be no automated accounts or fake bots, making work difficult for you. Moreover, the rate of growth which is provided by this site is constant and continues to grow for a long time.  Although people will say you should get natural comments on your account, these work just as well.

The people who will support your account will not be fake, automated bots. They will ensure you get an interested audience that is capable of engaging with your audience on a daily basis. They have created their site in such a manner that they filter out most of the spambots, therefore people will never find out how you have been able to increase the interaction on your account.


Famups is a very famous name in the world of social media marketing. They have been in the market for some time now and have given significant competition to most of their rivals. Once you have used this site you will easily get an increased amount of visibility on Instagram. They cater to most of your needs and make sure you have an altogether realistic growth.

Although the site looks simple on the outside, it is actually full of exciting features that make its usage very interesting and profitable. People around the globe have used this site and been happy with the kind of results they got back.

The process of buying comments on this site is also very easy and simple. They have a great filtering process, which gives you the best quality engagement. There are several packs that you can pick from which makes it easy to acquire comments for people with different budget requirements. Moreover, you are completely safe on this site since they never ask for personal information.

Social Viral

In case you want to cover all the activities within your Instagram account, then this site is a wonderful place to go to. You will be given holistic growth and there is little to no chance of engagement falling down gradually over time. There is not just one package, but several of them you can pick from. Thus, they want to make sure that they are able to serve a range of customers.

Although it comes seventh on our list, it is still as good for people who would like additional social media support. Needless to say, the services offered by them are highly safe and do not include any risk. Also, they have great customer support which is available to you at all times.

In this site, you will be able to buy Instagram comments at low costs. For less than three dollars you will be able to get as much as 10 comments. The services are very trustworthy, and so far there have been little to no scam reports. Although, the engagement will drop after a certain period of time.

Get Real Boost

If you are looking for virtual recognition, then this site might be the answer to all your problems. They will also give you a replacement warranty which means that if your visibility on Instagram decreases, then they will increase it once more at zero cost. They don’t have strict policies and you will be allowed to collaborate with other service providers if you want.

Also, they will try to make sure that the likes and comments are delivered to you gradually over a period of few weeks. This means your account will never be flagged by Instagram, and people around the world will not suspect any unethical activity. Your likes and comments will only come from people who are real, and genuinely want to engage with you.

However, there are chances that a few bot accounts interfere with your working now and then. Again, this site is very cheap and you wouldn’t have to spend an unnecessary amount on services that don’t pay you back. The prices are quite affordable and the first plan lets you buy as many as 10 comments for less than 4 dollars.

Buy Social Media Marketing

Buy Social Media Marketing is an Instagram promotion program that ensures they are still available for you. In case you have been looking for some inexpensive alternatives that will promote your Instagram, then we don’t think there might be a better one. This location is your one-stop-shop for all of your Instagram needs.  If you’re having trouble reaching out to a wider web community, then all your issues will be resolved.

Their offerings are completely genuine, and they have amassed a sizable client base to date. You should be assured that no automated accounts or fake bots can make your job more challenging. Furthermore, the rate of growth given by this blog is consistent and has been for a long time. People will tell you that you should have normal feedback on your account, but these work just as well.

Your account would be assisted by real humans, not artificial, digital bots. They can guarantee that you have a receptive audience that is capable of interacting with you on a regular basis. They built their site in such a way that it filters out the majority of spambots, but no one would ever know if you were able to maximize the amount of activity on your account.


This website ranks ninth on our list of the best places to buy Instagram comments. You will buy Instagram likes, fans, and a lot more right here. It doesn’t get any better than this if you’re waiting for a complete transformation. This website will provide you with an organic audience that will be able to view your account and leave multiple feedback. Soon, your most popular articles would be filled with the kind of engagement you need.

When you use this platform, you will be able to get unrivaled attention on Reddit. Whatever the requirements for the product or brand are, the company will make certain that you have everything you want. With the assistance of this website, you will be able to create a reputable and strong account using cost-effective methods. They’ll make sure you have a massive fan base in no time.

Again, the prices are low, and we are certain that even if you wish to purchase a significant amount of comments, the budget will not be depleted. They ensure that they are available at all times as individuals who have Instagram feedback and likes. The great thing about them is that they have a thorough vetting procedure in place that allows them to exclude any artificial engagement.


InstaFollowers is an old website that has been helping users with online marketing for a long time. As a result, they have a wealth of knowledge and know-how to cope with a variety of scenarios at various times. Furthermore, they provide a lightning-fast distribution system, ensuring that you get the various products you have selected on time.

On the web, there are several plans that start as low as one dollar. Once you’ve put your order, you’ll be able to see an estimate of when your items will be shipped. As a result, right from the start, you’ll have a lot of influence over your social growth. This website is very cost-effective, with products and schedules to fit a wide range of budgets.

We had the opportunity to read the customer feedback and testimonials on this website. We were relieved to discover that there had been no critical feedback or reviews that may have harmed the site’s functionality. Another advantage is that, like the other pages on this list, they have sustainable development, ensuring that you can never be barred from the website.

SMM Villa

SMM Villa is a service that provides you with some of the most genuine and organic Instagram comments in the country. You will be able to buy Instagram comments as well as other resources such as fans and likes from this website. Furthermore, the comments they leave will be dispersed through your numerous posts, making the development seem normal.

And if you have several accounts, this place has worked out how to grow your comments in them too. As a result, if you’re looking for virtual validation from colleagues and other communities, this website is an excellent option. They want to put your performance first, so they’ll prioritize your interests above their goal of making a profit.

There are a number of sites on the internet where you can read testimonials from satisfied consumers. There have been a few negative comments so far, but we believe the platform is mostly secure. They have simple payment options that are safe and stable, ensuring that you are not ripped off in a scam.


In the field of social media marketing, Instapple is a household name. They’ve been in the industry for a while and have given most of their competitors a run for their money. Once you’ve used this site, you’ll be able to quickly improve your Instagram exposure. They take care of the majority of your requirements and ensure that the development is on track.

While the web appears to be straightforward on the surface, it is really packed with exciting features that make using it both enjoyable and lucrative. People from all around the world have used this platform and been pleased with the results.

Purchasing comments on this platform is also a very basic and straightforward method. They have a fantastic filtering system that ensures the highest level of interaction. There are many packs from which to choose, making it simple to obtain comments for people on a variety of budgets. Furthermore, you are totally secure on this platform and no sensitive information is ever requested.


This site could be the solution to all of your problems if you’re looking for virtual recognition. They will also provide you with a replacement warranty, which ensures that if your Instagram exposure reduces, they will improve it again at no cost to you. 1000Followers don’t have any rigid rules, and you can work with other service providers if you wish to.

They will also make an effort to send the likes and feedback to you over the course of a few weeks. This guarantees that your username will never be flagged by Instagram, and no one will accuse you of any immoral behavior. Your likes and feedback can only come from sincere users who wish to interact with you.

However, there’s a risk that a few bot accounts could sometimes obstruct your job. Again, this site is really inexpensive, and you won’t have to waste money on utilities that don’t pay you back. The rates are reasonable, with the first package allowing you to purchase up to 10 comments for less than $4.


If you want to keep track of anything that happens on your Instagram account, this site is a great place to start. You will be offered holistic growth, with little or no risk of your commitment dwindling over time. You should choose from a variety of packages rather than just one. As a result, they want to ensure that they can accommodate a wide variety of clients.

While it is ranked fourteenth on our list, it is still a decent option for those who need additional social network assistance. Needless to add, the facilities they provide are extremely secure and do not pose any danger. They still have excellent customer service that is available at all hours.

You can buy high-quality Instagram comments for a cheap price on this website. For less than three bucks, you will get up to ten comments. The systems are very reliable, and there have been little or no records of scams so far. However, after a certain amount of time, the relationship will end.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is a one-stop-shop with all of the tools you’ll need to further your Instagram marketing campaign. This provider delivers the best-in-class Instagram messages, as well as a host of other offerings. This one-of-a-kind service sells bundles of personalized Instagram comments to help the posts gain credibility and popularity.

However, many sources have complained that the engagement they offer actually comes from bots which is something we would like to avoid. But, when all is said and done, this site looks efficient, and we don’t think it would hurt to try.

Just likes other sites on this list Mr. Insta also gives you a range of packages to pick from. Moreover, you can buy different services such as comments, likes, and so on. The prices given by the website are highly affordable and you should be able to buy them even on a tight budget.

Instagram Comments Guide:

How to Buy Instagram Comments

  • Understanding the Importance of Engagement

The concept of interaction is one of the reasons why buying real Instagram likes is becoming increasingly popular. Despite the fact that many people would advise you not to fall for those scams, we will disagree. True, some of these followers may be bots or machine-generated, but engagement is engagement in the end. As a result, when your preferences, feedback, and followers grow, a domino effect is triggered which leads to further growth.

Instagram has a great algorithm that depends largely on how engagement is offered. Therefore, eventually, your place on Instagram will be determined by the number of people you have interacted with and been in touch with. Therefore you should focus on buying as many comments as you can.

  • Buy Bots

In Instagram, there’s a law that says if I follow you, you must follow me. However, since you only have one username, you won’t be able to follow too many users while keeping a respectable ratio. However, when you buy a bot, whether you’re trailing a startup or a new account, they’ll be obliged to follow you out, which is a chance you can’t pass up.

As a result, you can buy clones, or fake accounts, that will obey ‘real’ accounts who are bound to return the favor. However, you won’t have to think about keeping up with any of these bots’ behaviors. They’re all set to “auto like” or “auto comment” on the accounts they follow, for the most part. As a result, you won’t have to build engagement on your own.

  • Don’t Give Out Sensitive Information

You’ve taken the first step toward realizing your full potential, but you’re also unsure how it all works. Thousands of content producers email us every day, so you’re not alone! It all starts with choosing the best kit for you; after that’s done, all you have to do is give them your URL or a list of the material you want to be supported.

However, if you come across a site that seems to be asking for more than just your URL, then you might want to be careful. These sites do not need personal login information for you to get better engagement. Therefore, if someone asks for it, it is most probably a scam. Therefore, be careful and play safe.

  • Give it Time

When you are buying comments, the process should look as organic as possible. This means that you cannot have your engagement increase suddenly in a small amount of time. What you have to do is get the service that increases engagement slowly as time passes.

This means that everyday post or another gets more comments than before. If, however, this is sudden- then people are bound to get suspicious of the progress that you have made. Moreover, Instagram itself might find your account suspicious and block it off the app.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

  • Discover Hashtags

Using hashtags for the benefit of the brand is one of the most popular ways to become recognized spontaneously. That doesn’t mean you can spam any post with meaningless hashtags. You must remember both your brand and your company when creating hashtags, which means being descriptive. When you have a business hashtag, it’s easier to find related posts and advertisers.

Hashtags from the market let you see what’s trending in your field so you don’t miss out.

Spend some time researching hashtag strategies to find the best hashtags for you. You may even use analytics including Sprout’s Social network study and see-through hashtags received the most interaction.

  • Create a Target Audience

Influencers know exactly who their followers are and what they are interested in, so they know exactly what kind of content they need to make. Instead, when evaluating the success of your networking practices, look at how quickly you gain supporters and what it is that has enticed people to join you using the right social communication strategies.

A target audience will be more willing to interact with the content you create. Therefore, they will become an important tool for improving your performance. At the same time, they will also share your content with people of similar interests, therefore your account will grow further.

  • Buy Instagram Engagement

Buying Instagram feedback is definitely a smart idea. However, it’s likely that you are unaware of the right locations for doing so. If that’s the case, we recommend taking a peek at the best places to buy Instagram comments, which we’ve included in this article. Instagram is an app that has been used for ten years.


We all know how significant Instagram has been in today’s social media landscape. This app has been used by people all around the world to highlight their personal lives, companies, and other projects. Furthermore, if you want people to know you, this is the first place you can look. Getting a presence on this platform becomes a must if you want to attract a larger audience.

Instagram is a social media platform that is mostly focused on fantastic visual content. As a result, some users can find it difficult to obtain virtual acceptance on this website. Whatever the case might be, attracting the kind of people you want as your audience is often a difficult task. As a result, we’ve compiled this list to assist you in gaining the online exposure you deserve.

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