15 Best Social Media Marketing Companies In Plano

social media marketing companies in plano

How many times have you heard or read the words ‘innovate’ and ‘disrupt’ when it comes to business context. You have probably heard it innumerable times or you have lost count. This article uncovers a secret promotion technique that has taken the world by storm. It’s none other than social media marketing. The whole world thought social media was a game until they realized it could change the future forever.

From mobiles to desktops, education to technology and healthcare, every industry has witnessed its growth on platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Here we are in Plano, Texas, a city that has become a modern hub of innovation. This article consists of the Best Social Media Marketing companies in Plano that serve businesses across various niches, domains, and industries.

These Social Media Marketing agencies in Plano have become the present growth partners of businesses that require constant nurturing and attention. Indeed, there’s a lot of work involved including a stronger online presence and audience engagement.

These agencies are award-winning firms that offer the best-in-class Social Media Marketing Services in Plano that result in improved brand reputation, high engagement & click through rate. While you have that sip of your coffee, your Marketing will reach another level to amass greater fortune. Go where the winners go! Go and invest in these Social Media companies in Plano for a greater Return on Investment.

List of Top Social Media Marketing Companies in Plano


FullyDigital is one of the best social media marketing companies in Plano. Established in 2015, the company has witnessed a remarkable growth in it’s client base. Its gamut of online marketing services will surely make a mark in your businesses growth. This company analyzes the journey of your potential buyers to devise a communication strategy that pushes the online social boundaries.

The firm has adopted a 360-degree approach that leverages each element and resource to its maximum potential. The agency provides a level playing field to businesses who want a higher online presence and reach on social media. Let’s have a closer look at their solutions. The agency promises results in a short time-frame. You will be able to connect & communicate authentically, amplify your message and increase traffic to your website. Furthermore, this clears the way for qualified leads to land on your page.

The outstanding services offered by this agency will result in increased brand awareness and online reputation. There is even a dedicated Reputation Management Service. What are you waiting for? Generate quality leads that may tend to become your regular customers.


We came across an award-winning digital marketing agency. So, we decided to put it on this list. If you are a resident of Texas, you might already be familiar with GrowBranding. GrowBranding was incorporated in the year 2016. Since its formation, the company has become the ideal choice for businesses that seek online marketing solutions in Plano, Texas.

What’s better than services that amplify your social media presence, improve your brand awareness, and create an effective communication strategy? The agency specializes in the art of conversation and will target the right audience base for exponential growth and revenue. It specializes in delivering SMM solutions for Facebook & Twitter. Apart from this, increased focus on video content is the need of the hour. GrowBranding seizes each opportunity that can be exploited to reach a growth stage in your business.

Its next-generation solutions not only focus on a high online presence but also product evangelism, online reputation, client retention, and corporate branding. It is often said that marketing is an art. But,  GrowBranding SMM services are the perfect epitome of what a viable online strategy should entail. You are free to invest in other services like PPC, Content Marketing, Reputation Marketing amongst others. Hurry up and show your customers that your business is way ahead of the competition.


Based in Plano, Texas, LabelFirm has a lot to offer when it comes to Digital Marketing Services. This Digital Marketing Agency was established in 2014 with a mission to digitize small and medium-scale businesses. If you are a new entrant in the digital segment or just want to establish a foothold the online marketing firm is a great choice. Hallmarks of its solutions include innovative tools, tailored techniques (strategy), and an all-embracing approach.

If you want to solidify the reputation of your brand, this agency is the ideal choice. The excellent social media services provided by the agency enable you to maximize your online presence. Its reliable portfolio boasts of SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, and the management of local listings & directories. With eye-catching and engaging content, the LabelFirm team promises better engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other platforms. The agency enhances your online visibility to a greater extent with creative campaigns.

If you want to engage in reputation marketing and become influential in your industry, get ready to invest in the company’s services. Whether your business is a startup or small-sized, the agency will help you to leverage different elements for phenomenal growth. It offers a haven for those who want to establish their brand authority in the digital world.


Here comes another award-winning Social Media Marketing Agency. SkyBranding is a leading SMM company in Texas. It was formed in 2016 by visionary people who wanted to provide cost-effective innovative digital marketing strategies. Even though their employee count is small, still they have managed to get a respectable position in the market. ioVista has categorized its SMM portfolio into Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Social Media Management.

If your business requires increased brand awareness, engagement, and traffic, you can invest in their services for a profitable ROI. Simply put, the services go all the way to generate more leads and conversions for your business. Moreover, optimization is a game played at its highest difficulty level. The agency creates a perfect outline of your budget and allocates ads according to that. The firm believes in fair practices and transparency and undertakes extensive research before concluding anything about your business. It continuously adapts to new technologies for exponential success.

In the digital world, it has earned fame with premium services. Nevertheless, the firm is rated one of the best for SEO services and has won accolades for excellence, design amongst others. The company provides a great work-life balance to employees which in turn strengthens the quality of their services.


Despite a large number of social media marketing companies in Plano, Shoutzer is one of its kind. Incorporated in 2018, the company has witnessed a surge in revenue and growth. Its success can be attributed to technical and human resources. The dedicated digital team at Shoutzer is well versed with customer engagement strategies on social media platforms. With just 11-50 employees, the company has garnered a fortune worth millions. It takes your SMM management process to the next level with quality services. You are already aware of the global reach of social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

To be precise, the solutions go beyond these traditional platforms. You deserve to know more about the striking features that make this company’s services stand out from the crowd. Broadly, its SMM techniques focus on curated & engaging content, sponsored ads, influencer marketing, and even CRM Targeting. The advertising agency leaves no stone unturned to establish your online presence for increased brand awareness. Nevertheless, a Call to Action (CTA) becomes inevitable when you have to influence prospective customers to buy a particular item.

As far as ads are concerned, the team tries its level best to target the market according to factors that affect consumers. These can be demographics including, age, gender, behavior, education level, etc. Developing customized content becomes a cakewalk with deep information and understanding about these parameters. The agency emphasizes the platform’s algorithm to drive better results. Get ready to pursue new customers with cutting-edge digital marketing concepts.


Established in 2001, Scorpion is the ideal choice for individuals looking for reliable digital marketing services at competitive prices. The company has a dedicated team of 750+ employees that works relentlessly to deliver high-quality solutions. It focuses on formulating a winning digital strategy, SEO, and conversion optimization. It specializes in SMM solutions for law firms, home service businesses, healthcare organizations amongst others.

Scorpion offers one of the best social media marketing services in Plano. Their digital portfolio boasts of all the contemporary techniques that will add double digits to your business growth. Invest in their Content & Social Media Promotion Solutions to increase your online presence and get improved engagement on various platforms. The SMM Agency claims its services as top of the line in the industry.

Indeed, you can count on them on three major parameters namely targeted audience, meaningful content, and top-of-mind awareness. The state-of-the-art facilities and resources of the agency give way to a curated digital strategy for unstoppable growth. What else do you require apart from a solution that is feasible and works for the long term? Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or any other networking site/platform, Scorpion has got you covered. The cherry on the pie is the impeccable customer service that blows away all your worries.

Digital Success

Yet another social media agency in Plano that works for turning your dreams into reality is Digital Success. It specializes in digital marketing solutions for startups, small and medium-sized businesses. Hence, if you have just landed in the digital space, it might be the ideal time to invest in this agency’s services. It will start from scratch and never let your business deviate from its growth goals. Digital Success goes all the way to communicate your brand message to potential customers most effectively and engagingly. The best-in-class Social Media Marketing Services provide you an edge over your competitors.

A glance at their outstanding portfolio reveals Social Media Promotion and Reputation Marketing. Salient features of its solutions include flexibility, viability, reliability, and transparency. The company understands that your niche or industry requires a curated social media recipe. Accordingly, they build a measurable, identifiable, and result-oriented social media strategy for your business. The focus of this service is mainly increasing your growth on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter. Nevertheless, the process is streamlined and culminates in a high social media presence. Your business success knows no bounds with next-generation Reputation Marketing solutions.

This technique drives better engagement on platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with strategic social media content. Digital Success leverages all the components of ORM (Online Reputation Management) including link audits, reputation profiling, negative content filtering & removal. This vast gamut will accelerate your growth within a few days. Further, the reputation campaigns set up by the agency are consistently monitored to track progress in real-time. You are free to choose a standard package or go for a tailored solution.

Big Hit Creative Group

Feeling exhausted after your innumerable attempts at optimizing your social media profile that have gone in vain? Well, it’s time to forget all your worries because Big Hit Creative Group has arrived to channelize your growth in the right direction. The social media agency is popular in Texas for a blend of Integrated Marketing Services for your business. New businesses need a digital solution that allows them to represent their brand message in an engaging tone. This agency researches your industry to find out viable solutions that are actually going to drive fruitful results. This is made possible with a careful insight into your audience.

The agency lets you market on the go without stepping out of your office building. You would be amazed to get a heavy response from users with relevant business promotional marketing material. Big Hit Creative Group employs cutting-edge tactics and a holistic & strategic marketing approach for enhancing your brand. It works on five core pillars namely a strong strategy, systematic planning, feedback analysis, success monitoring, and informed advertising.

The social media portfolio revolves across all the leading platforms including Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter. Growing your customer base has never been this easier. Coupled with SEO, you will gradually develop a cordial relationship with your customers. Hence, if your business needs a respectable position in the online market, you are always welcome for the company’s services.

Atomic Design & Consulting

Established in 2002 by passionate Internet Marketing Strategist Mr. Bese, Atomic Design & Consulting is way ahead of its time. If you are a resident of Plano, you might already be acquainted with the outstanding milestones achieved by this company. Its reliable digital portfolio consists of flexible and scalable SEO, PPC, Social media marketing services. A glance at the SMM services reveals a full-fledged gamut consisting of content creation & planning, video promotion, brand awareness, and a host of others.

The firm adopts a holistic approach and creates a winning strategy that transforms your idea into reality. Content strategy or planning goes all the way to discover what’s relevant for your audience. For instance, if your prospective users prefer business content, the firm curates the same post ideations. The digital agency places the highest bet on the engagement strategy that improves your relationship with fans.

What’s even more crucial for the long-term is the extent of competition in your industry. Atomic Design invests in competitor analysis to determine what factors affect your niche. Accordingly, we motivate you to take the road less taken by working on methods/techniques that have not yet been explored by others. What’s more? Leverage the power of paid advertising and gain growth with a high popularity. The excellent quality of services has enabled the social media agency to earn critical acclamation of the masses. It has received certifications from Gold HubSpot (as an Agency Partner), Yext, and Google AdWords, Analytics & Shopping.

CoSapient Inc.

For residents of Plano, there is no dearth of leading digital marketing companies providing premium services. One such leading agency is  CoSapient that was established with a mission to proliferate the growth of clients. Ready to hit the Google Search Ranking Milestone? That’s what this agency does. It takes your website to the top and drives organic traffic to it. The company believes in a holistic approach and aligns its interests with those of your businesses’. Coming to the social media portfolio, you get to enjoy a greater online presence and a high jump in traffic across websites, blogs & social media handles. It assists you for various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Salient features include original & customized content, personal interaction with customers, and an obvious increase in your followers. For better engagement, the digital team at CoSapient is well versed with hacks that bring likes, shares, and comments. It works to educate, inspire and inform users about your brand and its mission. These techniques are highly crucial for your long-term success and survival in the online market. From an improved lead generation system to higher Google Rankings and Reputation Management, your business will reach the next level of marketing.

The complete is completely fair and transparent in dealing with clients. Its trustworthiness can be determined by the 90 days 100% moneyback guarantee. This implies you can request a refund if you don’t get satisfactory results. Apart from this, you are allowed to select month-to-month contracts besides the regular annual ones. What are you waiting for? Beat the competition with best-in-class digital services from CoSapient and get a high ROI today.

MantraM Digital Media

MantraM Digital Media is a company that promises to deliver a unique digital blueprint for your brand or business. It was established in 2016 and has strengthened its market position since then. It implements an out-of-the-box approach that focuses on your target audience’s tastes & preferences, profiles, and journey. A thorough analysis of these factors enables this digital firm to curate an effective online strategy for you. The cherry on the cake is the unique value proposition for each business that transacts with them. Let’s take a deeper dig at what the social media portfolio entails.

A groundbreaking Social Media Strategy coupled with breathtaking Content Marketing And the right Paid Media will drive traffic to your business. This firm goes all the way to curate a that consists of social audit, analysis of customer journey, and determination of your social media tone. This process culminates in perfect engagement and community building on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. MantraM takes responsibility for your networking profile and monitor its posts and success rate. Further, its content marketing service emotionally connects your potential customers for a positive response. It leverages an effective content mix consisting of brand stories, blog writing, vlogging, etc.

Finally, you can invest in ad optimization solutions for a shortcut to growth on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The agency has clocked millions in revenue with a handful of competent and dedicated employees who are acquainted with every fundamental of the industry.


Attention, don’t go by its name because the digital agency does something terrific to your business. Don’t worry as it only drives positive results. This company offers diverse digital marketing solutions at prices unheard of in the market. It specializes in customized digital services for small businesses. For enhancing your online presence on different platforms, RED MANGO OFFERS INDUSTRY GRADE social media marketing services. These solutions delve deep into a scenario that lets it build engagement and drive growth.

Broadly, this digital marketing house focuses on engaging customers with discussions about your brand offerings. Red Mango’ S Services Can Be Divided Into Three Categories Namely a Social Media Set-Up, Managed social service, and Facebook/Instagram Advertising. The idea behind such differentiation was to unleash a customized plan for each one of these. The initial stage deals with the creation of social media accounts, creating events, Google Business Listings, etc. An inherent part of the process is advertising campaigns that pave the way for potential customers to enter your business.

What’s more? An effective online marketing funnel is the way to go. You can also opt for a custom or lookalike audience. Get ready to increase website traffic, grow an email list and establish a huge presence on social media. The best part about these services is the price segment. Regardless of your budget, there will always be a suitable price range for your project.


iWebContent is an online marketing agency specializing in comprehensive Social Marketing Services. Based in Plano, Texas, the company was established in 2008. With just a handful of dedicated employees, it has achieved great heights and established its foothold in the digital industry. Its competent team of digital marketers discover what’s best for your business and designs a unique strategy accordingly.

Its major offerings include social post bundles, Facebook Set-Up, Advertising, Remarketing & Add-On amongst Set-Up for other networks like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. There is even scope for Google My Business and Google+ Account creation. To enable clients to choose wisely, iWebContent has come up with basic & upgraded packages that arrive with different perks. If you are a beginner, we would advise you to go with the basic version. However, existing businesses should take advantage of the upgraded offers. Your social media campaigns will consistently for exceptional results and revenue.

Nevertheless, Reputation Marketing has got you covered for increased brand equity and prestige. As a bonus tip, invest in its content marketing solutions for factual, fun, and engaging content that will bring more customers to your business pages. The company has hired wordsmiths that are proficient in writing innovative SEO friendly piece of content within some hours. If maximizing your reach and potential on social media is a primary goal of your brand, you must give this service a shot.


As the name suggests, Digilayer is a leading digital marketing agency in Plano, Texas that digitizes your business for phenomenal growth and revenue. It has got fair recognition in the market with innovative digital marketing consulting and implementation solutions. Salient features of its services include cost reduction, margin increase, agency support, value addition, and robust on-boarding. An active social media presence is the need of the hour.

Whether it’s Facebook or Google Plus, or any other mainstream or non-mainstream networking platform, Digilayer can assist you in paid ad campaigns and custom strategies that drive a high clickthrough rate. It will manage your ads and optimize them regularly for viable results. You will delight to come across the all-in-one posting feature that eliminates the need for publishing posts multiple times. Digilayer’s reliable solutions boast of a custom social media dashboard, access to live feeds, post scheduling, and advertising management.

The best part about the firm’s services is that they are based on thorough analysis rather than quick judgment. You can go to their official website to go through the analogy that binds customers to the business. In case of any queries or concerns, the support team at Digilayer is always eager to provide a resolution.

Silver Ant Marketing

Silver Ant Marketing is a pioneer in the exciting field of digital marketing. Incorporated in 2017, it has now hundreds of skilled and qualified members on its team. Within about three years, the firm has become one of the best Social Media Agencies in Plano. It has gained global recognition with a holistic business model for agencies, brands, and enterprises alike. With the best mix of SEO, PPC, Email, Content, and Social Media Marketing, you get what you deserve.

Here’s what it offers. Social Pages Creation & Channels Management, Analysis of Targeted Engagements, Enhancement of Profile/Page Information, Social Media Packages and Weekly/Monthly Posts. Here’s another food for thought. A business requires you to engage in online store management. But, you don’t have to do anything because the agency creates Facebook & Instagram shops and syncs them with your website. When it comes to ease of shopping, this feature is a long-term investment. The company works with full dedication to formulate a result-oriented digital marketing strategy.

It specializes in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter online marketing. Moreover, the next-generation time-zone marketing feature takes your experience to the next level. Silver Ant does a wonderful job by targeting a multinational audience according to primetime hours. This makes potential engagement unstoppable round the clock. 

Social media marketing companies in plano


In a nutshell, we can say that each company is professional in its approach. However, if you are looking for the best one, we would advise critically analyzing your needs and aligning your expectations with a firm’s services.

This will enable you to know what company can deliver value to your business. Kickstart your journey today and be establish a dominant position in the competitive social media space.

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