22 Top Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real and Active) in 2021

If you are a brand or influencer, then Instagram should be one of your most-used marketing platforms. On Instagram, you can get noticed a lot when you do everything strategically. You can also easily get frustrated and give up quite fast. Nowadays, most users are seeking to buy genuine Instagram likes and followers to try and improve their numbers. The following are the best sites to buy IG likes:


LeoBoost is a legit website that sells real likes at a friendly price to Instagram users intending to increase their engagement and exposure. We’ve tested their likes service and found out that the real accounts likes delivery of LeoBoost quality services is done in just a few minutes. Some advantages you can enjoy from their services include:

  • Affordability & Top-notch Quality

LeoBoost offers the most affordable services by allowing their customers to choose the exact number of likes they want, unlike other sites that sell in packages. Their likes found as real and active users which can increase your presence and increase engagement.

  • Security

The methods of payment include PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa through cutting-edge technology like Recaptcha, PCI, and SSL. The process is verified, discreet, and 100% secured.

  • Fast Supply

When you make a purchase of IG likes from LeoBoost, your numbers start flooding within the first minutes after confirming your payment.

  • 24-Hour Support

Their customer support services are always available to solve customers’ problems and answer questions.

LeoBoost provides you with real likes at an astonishingly fast speed. Their prices are friendly when compared to the quality you get.



This site has several features such as Gender and Country Targeting that makes their services unique. They provide their customers with high-quality likes from active ig users. Advantages of Stormlikes include:

  • Instant delivery immediately after making an order.
  • Real likes.
  • Cheap prices.

The features that come with their likes include:

  • Gender targeting – receive likes from your desired gender.
  • Country targeting – receive likes from users in a country of your choice.
  • Matching views – receive the same amount of views as likes.
  • Professional support.


This site has a dedicated team of experts that analyze Instagram to come up with the best value options for cheap prices. Their general rule of thumb is that your number of followers should be naturally proportional to your number of likes.

Buzzoid has several years of experience with various social media platforms. They are currently serving more than 10,000 happy customers including some well-renowned influencers. They sell likes in packages depending on your requirements.

4.Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta guarantees their customers delivery of results in 24-72 hours and continues until complete. You do not require a password or ongoing paid subscription to access their services. They provide 24/7 customer support and guarantee buyers a refill. The benefits of buying ig likes from Mr.Insta include:

  • Increasing your rankings in your desired hashtags.
  • Other ig users are likely to view, Like, and Comment on your posts.
  • Mr. Insta always delivers more than you buy.
  • Every order is completed within 24 hours from confirmation of payment.


This website is simple to navigate through the various Instagram likes packages available starting from 200 likes. All you need to do is to choose your preferred package and make payment. Advantages of their packages include:

  • Likes start processing 15 minutes after payment confirmation.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Fast boosting of posts to keep your account safe from being blocked.
  • Privacy policy not to share any of your information on the website.
  • Try out free ig likes before you can make a purchase.


Their services provide an organic boost to your Instagram profile with real ig likes with reach, impressions, and interactions. Likes are sold in packages and delivered in a few seconds through a fully automated system. Famoid guarantees instant delivery on every order. The advantages of their services include:

  • Maximum privacy and safety of your details such as email addresses, usernames, and phone numbers.
  • Real and active likes.
  • An increase of about 80% of visibility on your Instagram Explore Page.

Famoid promises that the profiles of the likes you get are from real people. The only downside is that the rate of growth can be slow but it is genuine.


ViralRace offers high-quality likes from real, active Instagram profiles. Their services are of high quality avoiding the use of fake accounts. After purchase, the likes start reflecting on your posts in a few hours up to several days. The retention rate of likes is high and the methods of transactions are safe and secure. They sell likes in packages starting from 50 likes. In case of inquiries, there is 24/7 customer support.


The best thing about Poprey’s services is that you can get a trial package for 25 likes before you can buy. They deliver likes instantly after confirmation of payment. They are permanent and the accounts are real looking and permanent. Their likes can increase your following which in turn forces the ig algorithm to display your posts to more users.


It is one of the best likes and other social media marketing services providers. The main benefit of Kickliker is that there are several packages to choose from. They differ in quality, location, and other factors buyers may require. Some of them include:

  • Likes with reach – these consist of real accounts as well as bots. They are of good quality and increase your likes, reach, and impressions metrics.
  • Standard Likes – the only difference between them and the first package is the impact on your metrics. Standard likes barely have any effect on your metrics.
  • Fast Likes

The main requirement is that your account should be public and have an avatar. You do not have to give out your Instagram password.

10.Soclikes Company

Soclikes provides you with real likes from actual, active users that will help increase your statistics. This site avoids using bots that can cause your account to be blocked. When you make an order from the available list of packages, a team of experts instantly starts to work on your page. Results start displaying in your account within 24-36 hours and with a maximum of five days, your order is completed.


They offer different packages in ranging prices and accept payment through PayPal which is internationally recognized as secure. You can buy standard likes or VIP likes where you receive likes from premium accounts that are always active with a multitude of other users. For you to access their services, your account needs to be public. They provide you with a social media solution for long-term effects.


It is a social media marketing agency that offers cheap Instagram likes with instant delivery. They also offer you a free ig likes trial to prove the quality of their services before you can buy. The list of packages available starts from 500 likes and goes up to 100,000 likes. This platform gives your posts a chance to be viewed by thousands, if not millions of users. After confirming the payment for an order, results start appearing within the hour. The likes are effective being from active users.


Zeru has a team of social media experts who have experience in marketing businesses on social media. They offer their customers three kinds of packages:

  • Starter Packages – 100 likes
  • Standard Packages – 1000 likes
  • Pro Packages – 10,000 likes

Delivery is almost instant and their 24/7 professional support is top-notch. You can try out their free trial offer before buying any real likes from high-quality profiles.


FluidBuzz provides a unique service by giving customers two options to choose from. They include:

  • Instant Likes – one-time purchase where likes start streaming within minutes.
  • Automatic Likes – a service that automatically delivers an equal number of likes as well as uploads tony of your uploads for 30 days. It only works on a maximum of three posts per day.

FluidBuzz provides you with high-quality likes, and in case you do not get your order, you are guaranteed your money back.


Follovery is a cheap real likes provider that begins working on your order instantly after payment. The likes start streaming in in just a few minutes, but if there is an issue with your order, they contact you immediately through email. The preferred mode of payment is PayPal and all major credit cards.

You can choose between one-time or automatic packages. In one-time packages, you can split the likes you are buying among multiple posts with the least having 50 likes.

16.Grow Social Media (GSM)

This site is 100% secure and will never prompt you to enter your password to access their services. Delivery of your order starts within the first fifteen minutes after confirmation of payment.

GSM offers its customers with two ig likes options:

  • Instagram Real Likes – they are more expensive but effective and long-lasting.

Instagram Cheap Likes – these are cheaper likes that can put your account at risk of blocking. They are effective at first but not as long-lasting as Real Likes.

17.Buy Likes Instagram

It is a digital marketing firm with a professional team that specializes in various digital services for your social media marketing requirements. This firm deals with Instagram likes to help users grow a following and gain visibility. The service delivery is in form of packages. It is 100% safe with no password requirement and almost instant. The preferred methods of payment are Monelib and PayPal.

18.Social Formula

This site provides Instagram users with a long-term solution to increase their following as well as their visibility. Real likes are sold in packages from as low as $0.10. It is one of the most pocket-friendly firms that sell ig likes among other services.

Social Formula is a secure platform that respects your privacy. It does not request your password or share your account details with any third-party.


Instapromote sells likes in various packages depending on the users’ needs. Delivery starts within 3 minutes from confirmation of payment. The likes come from real top quality profiles and can be split on multiple posts. To get their service, you do not have to give out your password. Customer support is available 24/7 and safe payment methods. You can choose between manual, instant packages, and automatic packages.


Trollishly is a fast deliverer of Instagram Likes and Followers. Results start appearing in your posts within less than three minutes. The quality of likes is very high hence assuring your account of safety from being blocked. A team of professionals provides 24/7 support to customers and refunds for unfulfilled services.


It is an effective Likes provider whose delivery is within a few minutes. This organization offers various ig promotion packages to fit your budget. You can also contact support for custom orders. When making an order, the only requirements are your username and appropriate email. This information is stored securely and never shared with another party. DripFollowers has a good reputation and has no problem offering customers a mone back guarantee.


PlentySocial is a site capable of delivering any number of followers to your account. It offers market competitive prices and no-drop protection. It means that if you lose any followers or likes previously brought from them, they are refilled free of charge. They provide you with 100% active and genuine followers and likes.

Buying Instagram likes has become a simple process recently. Sites like LeoBoost have proven to provide quality and long-lasting services to their customers.

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