3 Different Ways to Retain Information

Once you realize your potential, your college options will expand. Every person is an individual, and no one has the same way of studying, so it is really important to experiment with different learning styles in a way to find the one that fits you the best. The stress-quelling methods are also unavoidable to achieve improvements because stress can make a blockage in your brain.

When a person is under stress all the time, health problems are starting to happen. Stress is the parasite in the human body that feeds on the nutrients that we consume through food. Minerals and vitamins are very important for our memory strength, so if your diet is weak and unhealthy, that will have a bad impact on retaining information. Make sure that you eat a lot of healthy food to prepare your body and brain for the study journey. Let’s see some different ways how to retain information and improve memory.

Using Colorful Stickers (Visual Learning)

This method is for creative people. Creative people have a brain with the better developed creative artistic side of the brain, and they will memorize things much easier if they use colors and stickers to mark different parts of the script they’re trying to learn. If you find visual learning helping you to study, then use a lot of stickers in different colors. Seeing things in order will help you to memorize them and make sure that you also use different shapes, sizes, and similar. So, when you take a test or when you have a presentation in front of people, it will be easy to remember your script by remembering the colors because they are the association with learning material.

Repetition of the Learning Material

It’s not enough just to learn things from the script; that information will be lost if it isn’t repeated one or more times, depending on need. So, here is the plan. When you choose what part of the script you’re going to learn today, you take that same part tomorrow to repeat without looking in the script. Just try to present it out loud. In that way, you will spot the weak parts, and you can work on that again. After two days, do the same thing and check if you did a good job. This is one of the most effective learning styles if you have a big script to learn. Studying a big book is a process, and you need to make sure that your information stays in one place all the time.

Whiteboard for Learning

You can buy whiteboard online or find a way to build one yourself. You need a transparent plastic sheet and white paper. Use tape to attach white paper on the back, and that’s it. Take some markers in different colors, which can help you memorize by color. This way of learning is one of the visual methods, and it is great for practicing. If you need to learn some diagrams, sketches, equations that need a lot of practice to memorize, you can write it on the whiteboard and check if you write it correctly. When you make a mistake, it’s easy to erase the marker with an ordinary sponge.


Learning is a process, and you need to be dedicated to it if you want great results. When you organize yourself and find your best learning method, you will enjoy learning new things, and the more you learn, the higher your confidence will be. Studying is hard only for those who don’t understand themselves and not find a way to retain the information.

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