3 Tips on Becoming a Kidpreneur

Has there ever been a time your child came up to you with that big idea that is guaranteed to fix the world’s problem? Probably not, but they are most likely coming to you every day with big dreams and ideas that they want to make a reality. Due to COVID-19, many children were forced to find different ways to focus their time and energy, which led to letting their imaginations run wild with ideas and creativity. Using that big idea and making it a reality can lead to generational wealth and a life-long legacy. 

13-year old Gabby Goodwin, Founder & CEO of Confidence, is committed to sharing her entrepreneurial journey with aspiring kidpreneurs to become as successful as possible. She created her brand, GaBBY Bows at seven years old, which is the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette solving the age-old problem of disappearing hair barrettes. Alongside, GaBBY Bows, Gabby and her mother, Rozalyn, have launched a Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy to assist more than 50 girls to start their businesses under their brand. 

Start Early

It is never too early to become a kidpreneur. If you are eager to start a business and have the need to inspire people, go for it! Starting early in business can impact both your professional and personal development including knowledge about money and speaking to crowds. 

Find a Problem to Solve

If you want to start a business, it does not always have to be with a grand idea that is going to change the planet. It does not have to be a mainstream problem, but it can be something that has impacted your family that you want to find a solution for. Business is all about finding a need or a problem to solve.

Persevere and Work Hard

Continuing to work hard and persevere is an essential part of becoming a successful kidpreneur. It is all about having a mindset that is built on courage and hard work, where you continually push yourself to achieve your goals. Also, don’t let being told “no” stop you from being successful and starting a business. Being told “no” is just another step closer to your next opportunity.

Utilizing these tips and incorporating them into your big idea or dream will bring you one step closer to becoming a successful kidpreneur. To learn more about Gabby and her entrepreneurial journey visit  https://gabbybows.com/.

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