5 Ways a Bad Credit Score Can Affect You

If your credit history is not good, several aspects of your life would be affected. Know that improving your credit score is possible. We’ve taken the ultimate look at how a poor score can affect you, though.

Rental Application

To make sure that you’d be able to pay the rent, landlords do thorough background checks. One of the ways they do this is by going through your payment history. The history would include information on your credit score. If it’s terrible – you have debt that you’ve not been paying.

Loan Applications

For most conventional loans, your application would get rejected if you have a poor credit score. Lenders would see you as a risk. Their loan would be another debt you’d not be able to pay.

Let’s say you don’t have the best credit history, yet it’s not the worst. So your loan application might get approved, but you’d not be met with the best interest rates.

We mentioned “conventional” loans earlier because bad credit loans exist. If you’re interested in bad credit loans reliable lender would be needed. You might not be met with the fairest payment agreement otherwise.

Taking out a personal loan for bad credit is a good idea, as it can be used to pay off the debts you have. In addition, you’ll be able to improve your credit score.


Not all employers look at your payment history. However, you might be applying for an essential role in a business finance department. The company would request a credit report to see how good you are at handling money.

If you’re not aware, the report won’t have your credit score on it – don’t worry that your possible employer won’t be able to see it. However, the sheet would include information on payment history and debts.

Cell Phone Contract

Just like landlords want to make sure that you’d be able to pay rent, cell phone companies do this with specific plans. As a result, you may need a new contract. Unfortunately, your credit history may not be great.

If you’re going for a prepaid plan, wireless providers would likely not run checks.

Insurance Premium

Even if your credit score is not good, you’ll still be able to apply for insurance. However, the insurance rate you’d be met with depends on several factors, including how well your payment history is. If the credit history is poor, it would tell the insurer that you’re at a higher risk of submitting a claim.

As mentioned, several factors would be included in deciding your insurance rate. For example, if your payment history is excellent, but you have a horrible driving history, the rate would be a lot.

Where do you live? Insurance companies in many locations factor in credit history, but some do not. Examples would be Hawaii and California.

Having a poor payment history would affect your life. However, as mentioned, it is possible to improve your credit score. Pay the debts you have back; take out a personal loan for people with poor payment histories to accomplish this.

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