6 Branding Tools That Will Help You Establish a Winning Brand

Your brand represents the personality of your business, and it has to instantly engage with your target audience, make them sit up and take notice by stirring their emotions and grabbing their interest, whilst relaying what your business is all about. Your brand must be unique if your business is to stand out from the crowd, and branding tools are an invaluable source in helping you achieve it. The right branding tools can help you at every level of your brand strategy


If you need to establish your brand on social media, then using engaging social media images is a proven way of going about it. Studies show that posts with images receive 94% more views than those without images.

Pablo by Buffer enables you to create simple and quick social media content and images, helping you build your brand and grow your businesses on social media. Its multi-product platform requires no previous design experience and provides ready-made templates for several leading social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The video marketing trend shows no sign of slowing down, and video is quickly becoming the holy grail for engaging with your target audience, generating leads, driving website traffic, and increasing conversions. In fact, recent stats show that 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing, and that’s where Promo can help. 

Promo (originally Slidely) is a cloud-based video maker that makes it easy to create videos to promote your business across social media platforms and other marketing channels. With Promo, you receive fully licensed ready-made video templates with high-quality footage and music. Their library consists of over 12 million video clips and templates, all editable, as well as custom text and logos. 


DesignBold is an online graphic design tool designed to help you create and share visual content of your brand in print and digital media. They have thousands of editable design templates, 4,500 features and functionalities, and 50+ materials which enable you to create social media ads, infographics, charts, Instagram posts, presentations, banners, posters, and invitations, all of which are fully customizable by using drag-and-drop software. 


A marketing persona has many benefits. It’s an extremely helpful tool for bringing your target market audience to life. Personas help businesses zero-in on the needs, wants, pain points, and desires of their audiences. If you don’t have a persona of your target market you can make one with Persona Generator. 

Persona Generator allows to easily create a customer persona – just choose your template and fill in the blanks.  Once you have a persona the way you like it, you can share it using the links within their website, and you are not required to create an account as long as you save the links. They will also, upon request, email you the links for your personal record keeping. 

5. Brand24

Brand24 is a social media listening tool that allows you to monitor how people are engaging with your brand. This allows you to control the conversation about your brand online. 

With Brand24 you can track, engage, and analyze conversations and comments about your brand, products, and also your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also provides insights to positive and negative comments received for target words, helps you find leads, identify where to promote products and get customer insights, and improve conversion rates. 

6. Coolors 

Coolors is a fast and simple way for creating, saving, and sharing color palettes. Originally developed for designers, it has become a much-loved tool for those needing color scheme inspiration. 

Its easy search functionality makes it an ideal tool for the less tech-minded amongst us and features such as Image To Colours enable you to search for the exact colors from a photo and automatically gives you the perfect color combination. Its 5-color palette system is easy to use and helps you create color schemes that work well together, and you can customize color settings such as temperature, hue, saturation, and brightness.

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