7 of the Hottest Trends to Start Following on Instagram

Discover the latest trends and hot talking points happening on Instagram.

If someone asked, would you be able to talk about any of the latest big Instagram trends happening over the past several years? As the social platform continues to grow and change the way we all connect with each other throughout the world, Instagram is not just a social media platform — it’s a way of life.

Instagram has attained the status of the economic engine for different types of prominent brands, while also creating new influencers in the process. And with more than a few billion active users on the social and mobile platform already, it is one of the most important content creation and marketing platforms in the world today.

To promote your business, today we are going to highlight seven of the hottest trends of Instagram. Be sure to follow along so you can grow your business and audience size, while taking advantage of these latest trends.

Trend # 1: Instagram Revolutionized into An Influencer Marketing and E-Commerce Platform

Instagram initiated Checkout, a very comfortable method of purchasing different products. Shopping from Creators is another way which permits famous personalities, artist, and influencers to put tags about shopping in posts. Their followers through the click on tags buy products while never leaving the Instagram application.

Instagram launched a very surprising development that connected creators and brands for sponsorship. It means Instagram is now an influencer platform for marketing.

And no matter what type of influencers you might be working with or want to target, it’s also important to consider your options with Instagram hashtags, as this is still one of the most effective ways to attract audiences and ranking content in IG.

Trend # 2: Carousel Posts, Information Sharing Stage

Instagram has already a very informative place but we are seeing a very impressive shift in regards if sharing information. Now the very best way to share informative content on Instagram is through Carousel posts. With this, 10 images can easily share through one post. Carousel is the best tool for breaking down large information into smaller pieces of information.

Carousel posts have also become popular among brands. Brands like Supergoop are supporting the carousel posts and also convincing the followers to purchase the products through it

Trend # 3: Instagram Live Streaming

Covid-19 pandemic forced all the people to stay inside the home, some attractive trends have evolved on Instagram like people started live streaming on Instagram. Facebook statistics indicate that about 70% of live Instagram views increased during the Covid pandemic.

Live streaming is the best way to contact followers in a very accurate way. As different creators and brands tried to find the best ways to contact followers, Instagram offered a very easy method to connect followers during the pandemic situation.

Trend # 4: New Instagram Stickers to Promote Small Business

2020 years was not only challenging but also forced many business owners to close doors and took a pause during the lockdown. But Instagram helped many brands to stay financially sound.  As Instagram launched many features and tools for small businesses, new stickers are also the product of Instagram.

People mention small businesses in their stories and they respond directly through stickers and explain the preview of the account to their followers.

Trend # 5: Challenges on Instagram

During Covid-19, social media challenges have top trended for fun and amusement with friends and family. Challenges have been so prominent that Instagram developed its Challenge Sticker for the nomination of challenges. If you want to contribute to a challenge you will join by scrolling different stories of your friends and clicking on the sticker.

This will move you to the stories camera where you can make a video of your challenge and then select a few friends. And when it comes to engagement factors, there are definitely some social media engagements that work better than others.

Trend # 6: Creating and Sharing Memes

Memes become famous on Instagram. There are many accounts only to create and share different memes like @f*ckjerry, @ladbible, and @mytherapistsays. But now the time is changing because different businesses and brands are also moving to the formation of memes for fun and entertainment.

Modern vitamin brand creates memes for entertainment and shows off the pop-culture which promotes its brand values.

Trend # 7: Spark AR Studio

Instagram launched Spark AR Studio, the platform has become overflowing with famous personalities developing their impressive effects for stories on Instagram. The results have been amazing and pretty good. Branded AR Filters is a large platform for Windows that permits you to sketch impressive effects android cameras. First limitations were present in this studio but now anyone can create his effects and submit them.

The prominent trend that evolves is Spark AR Studio. Many AR effects exist in skincare brands and you can gain access easily through their profile on Instagram.

A great example of this can be seen with @summerfridays, who has several AR effects and gains them from the profile.

How to Start Trending on Instagram with Viral Content

The above mentioned all the trends are very significant for the growth of an e-commerce business. Instagram is the big network of all types of brands to attract many customers and make huge sales. Follow the above trends and make a stable business. I also suggest you to stay up-to-date with the new instagram trends, techniques and different strategies.

As with all of our resources and guides, we hope you enjoyed all of the content provided for you above. If you did, be sure to check out our latest reference guides on the benefits of coloring and how to become an influencer through social media.


Written by Kristel Staci

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