Actor Sanjeev Pandey Bounced Back With GLUON In Lockdown

When Bollywood announced lockdown in mid-March, Actor Sanjeev Pandey who recently appeared in The Big Bull Starring Abhishek Bachchan, remembers “feeling stuck, frightened, and anxious about the future.” He has recently signed some big projects. After a long struggle, the actor was confident to overcome financial scarcity in his daily life, In addition, the rent in Mumbai is substantially high.

Sanjeev was scrolling through his Facebook feed and found the Startup India page, which includes inspirational speakers and success stories. Hearing the well-known speakers discuss strategies for coping ways to shift their mindset inspired him, and gave him the confidence to pursue his college days favourite subject energy-saving BLDC CEILING FAN.

He started working with like-minded entrepreneurs to develop an energy-efficient Fan motor. He couldn’t afford to live anymore in Mumbai as there was no work and the future was looking dark. On the professional front, he approached Startup India Campaign and shared his plans of making an affordable BLDC ceiling fan and his brand GLUON was duly recognised.

Actor Sanjeev Pandey further mentioned that he never felt lockdown, since he started developing a prototype of his first 28-watt CEILING FAN. He was totally engaged in planning the manufacturing and setting up a unit in his hometown Kolkata and thus GLUON was born.

Less energy consumption means, GLUON will also help to reduce global warming, which is the biggest concern of all developed nations. GLUON is now a 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan, CERTIFIED from MINISTRY OF POWER, BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

At a time when most Bollywood actors are going through depression and opting to suicide, actor Sanjeev Pandey‘s success story can be a benchmark to a lot of his co-actors.

By taking incremental steps to address the challenges that seemed insurmountable as a whole, He has been able to turn the pandemic into a period of growth. “I was able to shift my mindset from fear, anxiety, uncertainty to courage, strength, and abundance. It’s made all the difference,” he says that AMAZON HAS ASSURED by MAIL to launch GLUON ON AMAZON LAUNCHPAD.

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