Agnes Permanent®: From Passion To Wildly Successful Permanent MakeUp Business.

Permanent Makeup was new and not widely accepted at the time.

The world of permanent makeup has existed for nearly a decade, but like with every new product, permanent makeup wasn’t accepted by the general public in its beginnings. Only a handful of companies survived and thrived in the early stages of the market. One such pioneer being Agne Svitinskaite, the CEO of Agnes Permanent® brand and academies.

Agne attended her first permanent makeup course thinking it would only be a hobby. Shortly thereafter, she moved to London. It quickly became something she was very passionate about—and something she had to pursue. Agne saying, “I even dreamed about it being my full-time job.”

Passion + Hard Work = Profits

Permanent Makeup was new and not widely accepted at the time. Despite this, Agne worked incredibly hard to earn the trust, loyalty, and business of her first clients. She went the extra mile with her attention to detail which valued customer satisfaction above all else. Once business started picking up, Agne launched her first academy in London in 2015 called Agnes Permanent.

Opening the academy was a game changer! Not only did she perform procedures herself, but she also started offering permanent makeup training to both beginners and advanced artists alike. Her skill and expertise attracted clients from all across the UK as she innovated new lips techniques like the world-famous ‘3D’ Lips and ‘Frozen Lips’. In turn, her business scaled faster and faster as more permanent makeup artists lined up to learn from and work for Agnes Permanent.

With years of hard work and dedication, Agne now teaches permanent makeup in several countries and even certifies the Grand Masters of the permanent makeup industry. Agnes Permanent currently boasts a client roster of numerous well-known London influencers and Lithuanian celebrities.

Overcoming Hurdles: Competition & Covid

“My main obstacle during my career was competition. When my career began permanent makeup wasn’t popular at that time and I didn’t have many competitors. However, today there are a lot of Permanent Makeup artists in the industry so I stay on top of all trends and constantly practice to stand out in a crowded marketplace,” she said.

After going mainstream, the permanent makeup business exploded. Competition popped up faster than weeds in a garden, but Agne believed the best way to make things happen is to focus solely on your goals and objectives. Perfecting her skill and craft went much further than obsessing about the competition she stated.

At the end of the day, clients only care about what you can DO for the THEM. In a world with so much noise, there is no time to listen to what everyone is doing and Agne credits her success with not only eliminating distractions and focus but also expanding her team to include other talented artists.

“When I created my team, I realized that I have achieved a lot and I can work together with talented Permanent Makeup specialists,” she said.

‘You don’t need to try to beat them, you need to learn from them’ Agne doesn’t feel the need to compete or feel threatened by other talented specialists. Confident and incredibly skilled, she believes in keeping an open mind, learning from all different types of artists, and of course, working WITH them if the opportunity arises.

But then, COVID happened…

Businesses were shut down, and Agne said, “Due to the lockdown we couldn’t work, so this situation was a big challenge for me. But I saw an opportunity in this situation and I found a solution. I increased online training and it helped me to successfully develop my business.”

There is a silver lining to every disaster and  Agne said “this pandemic gave me a lot of time to understand what I can do differently in this industry and what I can do better”. Expanding her online training was the right call as online sales and technology have skyrocketed because of the global lockdown. It was not easy, but if you play your cards right even something like ‘Coronavirus’ can be to your advantage.

What Makes Agnes Permanent World-Renowned?

With over 10 years of experience, Agnes Permanent is a worldwide known brand with leading academies in London, United Kingdom, and Kaunas, Lithuania. The brand offers online classes to students across the world and has been certified for the International Grand Masters of medical permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, and manual methods.

According to Agne, their secret is: “High quality, certificated academy and products, and customer feedback.” They only use the highest quality of permanent makeup and microblading pigments from Germany, and Agne’s famous ‘3D’ Lips technique and ‘Frozen Lips’ are performed all over the world by Permanent Makeup specialists. Aside from the highest quality procedures and years of experience, Agne is obsessed with mastering her skill and improvement in business.

I always had the desire to provide the highest quality procedures to clients and the opportunity to pass all my knowledge to students. Problem-solving and constant technical improvement helps me to grow and attract more customers.

Not settling for less, and always improving is how Agne scaled her business to the heights of permanent makeup.

“Passion can give you a sort of boost in achieving your dreams. Give the task at hand all you got and make sure that it is done right. Working on something with full passion will give you the satisfaction of getting results from your hard work,” said Agne.

Staying true to your heart and following your passion is how Agnes Permanent became a worldwide recognized brand.

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Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.