AI Gets An Upgrade

Like it or not AI is changing the way we do everyday business. Whether it’s helping to create content for X (formerly Twitter) or creating a base web page for you to start your own site, AI is here to stay.  Shinkai Protocol is not just the next big artificial intelligence software system, it’s an open sourced ecosystem that aims to challenge the current AI leaders such as OpenAI, Google’s Bard, and Facebook’s Meta AI.  Shinkai’s AI Agent OS aims to compete with these big companies building large language models, which are AIs that can understand and generate human language.  Unlike the tech giants, however, Shinkai wants to give control back to the everyday people in how they use this respective AI.  

Right now, these big tech companies lock users into their own ecosystems, and as AI integrations become more commonplace this will only get worse. Shinkai is creating an open-sourced AI system from the ground up.  Aiming to provide a way out of the dystopian future in which big companies control everything through their own closed AI systems.  

This is where Shinkai shines.  Being built from scratch, utilizing open source code, and integrating with blockchain technology, Shinkai looks to be a serious contender in the AI space.  By financially rewarding open-source developers and out building these centralized ecosystems, Shinkai is pulling out all the stops in AI design to succeed both short and long term.  

Shinkai having crypto integrations from the beginning allows you to have financial privacy built into the system.  The OS also solves the problem of moving data between devices you own.  Your phone, desktop, laptop, and tablets can share information smoothly and seamlessly.  Files can go from one device to another and Apps can integrate smoothly. No longer will you be tied down by device manufacturers, like Apple’s AirDrop or Google’s Drive.  With Shinkai, your files are available to any device running the OS.  Interconnecting the world at your fingertips, all while ensuring your data and safety are protected on both Web2 and Web3.  

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