Amer Kamra is the Expert Elevates the Fitness Industry Through His Targeted Coaching Programs

The past year has brought a lot of setbacks for fitness enthusiasts as they were unable to keep up with their regimes owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. The difficult time has pushed back the fitness goals of many. In times like these many heavily relied on various online training programs to keep up with their daily grind, still the results were not as desired as you need a really strong coach to push you to those levels which was not possible by many of the self proclaimed fitness coaches who have mushroomed all over given the situation. The need of an extremely knowledgeable training guide was the need of the hour, and fortunately we had popular Celebrity Fitness Coach and model named Amer Kamra, who has been voted as the No.1 Online Transformation Coach and Personal Trainer of the year by World Physique Magazine.

Amer has been born and brought up in Toronto, Canada and holds a degree in Architectural Engineering from George Brown College, from where he graduated in 2008. During his days at college Amer started his career as a model and has been a face of many commercial campaigns. Through the years he developed his fitness levels and going ahead he participated in a fitness competition to win the title of the youngest male pro fitness model, which was held in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011. He became a pro bodybuilder at the age of 22 and has also been credited of being the world’s youngest pro bodybuilder. His popularity reached soaring heights since then and he has even been featured in various covers of magazines like Physique, who have named him their Personal trainer of the year.

Today, Amer owns a popular online coaching and body transformation brand named “Hammer Fitness”, which has clients from across the globe. The training programs that he offers not only transforms the clients form physically but also makes them mentally fit. He has come up to these levels of success all through his hard work and passion towards fitness. It would not be false to say that he has the potential to emerge as the industry’s best training professionals in times to come.

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