An Bui: Learning In-Demand Skills to Kickstart a Successful Career From Online Career Accelerator

Save years of your time and money through learning from experience and successful mentors.

Choosing a career early on in our adult lives seems to be one of the biggest issues for many especially during college as we try to align with our purposes and career paths in life. Traditionally, adulthood means finishing a specific college degree or certification that will help you land a job and secure a future.

Failing to do so would mean finding a decent job or career would be a struggle. So, people back in the day ended up powering through 4 years or more in college just to be able to secure their future and land entry-level jobs. For the recent generations, choosing a career field that is flexible allowing you to work from anywhere anytime is the most ideal path to take.

For many individuals who have found great success in the digital marketing field, completing and finishing a college degree may no longer be necessary to be able to land high-paying jobs. Many of those who have found countless opportunities in the digital marketing space either didn’t finish college or intentionally dropped out of college and just learned and acquired the needed skills set and knowledge to be able to work on online projects and jobs. This is the very case that happened to An Bui.

An Bui is an instructor at Online Career Accelerator based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by An Bui together with, Online Career Accelerator is a career training program designed to teach individuals with the necessary and required skills set to be able to land remote jobs.

Taught by experts in the field of job search and remote work, Online Career Accelerator provides individuals with useful knowledge to begin their remote job search. Their program is specifically designed and tailored for individuals with no college degree, industry-specific skills, or any job experience. They have trained and certified coaches who will guide individuals in finding part-time or full-time remote jobs.

After realizing that the school system was somehow broken and is taking advantage of students making them take out massive student loans, An Bui got frustrated and dropped out of college to learn digital marketing at the age of 19. He self-taught himself and reached out to a few other mentors to fully equip himself with the needed skills in demand by many employers at the time.

Six months after dropping out of college, An Bui landed his first 6-figure digital marketing job and kicked off from there. He proudly earned past 6 figures at the age of 21 and many other companies started reaching out to him because of his success in his craft.

One takeaway many people can learn from An Bui’s career is that you don’t need to finish a degree and waste a couple of years of your life just to be able to qualify for an entry-level job after you graduate. Learning and possessing the correct and necessary skill sets required by many companies is enough for employers to reach out to you.

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